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Nintendo is having a hell of a year. The Super Mario Bros movie is the biggest hit of the year, and the latest adaption in the Legend of Zelda series, Tears of the Kingdom, will release on May 12. Many fans are excited to make videos reacting to the new game. 

However, some creators are currently facing copyright issues with the titan publisher. It recently issued a number of copyright strikes to a popular streamer, known as “PointCrow,” nearly de-platforming him from YouTube for some of his videos reacting to modded versions of Nintendo games.

Read more about why this happened, and what it spells for the future of reaction content, below from Passionfruit contributor Lon Harris.

Speaking of beloved franchises, it’s May the 4th. The Star Wars fandom has always been about community, and in celebration, Passionfruit contributor and Star Wars fanatic Brandon Hanna interviewed some of his favorite creators in the space. They are truly out of this world.


It’s-a Me, Copyright!: Nintendo copystrikes popular streamer, reigniting fair use debates

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Out of this world: 5 ‘Star Wars’ creators that are a must-follow



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