🎶 Meet the Music Men of TikTok


Rodger Cleye and Ian Rae are two creators that especially stood out on TikTok in 2022, united by their love for music. Beloved clips and meme-ified fan edits of amateur singer Cleye, singing along to Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Christina Perri, became a viral sensation on TikTok. Meanwhile, singer and piano player Ian Rae has dabbled in the arts since he was a child but blew up on TikTok for his wholesome piano videos.

In an interview with Passionfruit contributor Charlotte Colombo, these two creators shared their origins, what turned them into online sensations, and more. Colombo also reflects on how these two “distinguished gentlemen” transcend stereotypes about Boomer-aged creators and demonstrate a shift in audience preferences toward wholesome, earnest content.


Meet the music men of TikTok: Rodger Cleye and Ian Rae



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