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Greetings, fellow humans. With science and tech leaders issuing apocalyptic robot warnings, teens bullying Snapchat’s new chatbot to make it whimper and call them “senpai,” and influencers multiplying into clones, it’s impossible to escape the AI craze these days. We’re flying fast into the unknown with no seatbelts on, and no one is safe—almost every field is threatened by AI, but little regulation has come forward to address our concerns. 

In one of the first widespread attempts from a union to pressure industry leaders toward AI regulation, the Writers Guild of America is demanding studios stop the use of AI and prioritize human writers. We’re delving into how this move has far-reaching implications for creators across the board, with our resident creator-advocate and AI-skeptic, Lon Harris, penning a thoughtful analysis piece that will make you ponder the future of creativity in a world full of machines. 

And remember: AI may be impressive. It may help you take notes, sort through hours of footage, and write bad jokes. But it doesn’t compare to the real deal.


What creators can learn from the Writers Strike, Part 4: People Over Profit



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