🦸🏿Revolutionizing the World of Black Superheroes


Black superheroes have been around since 1947’s Lion Man, but it took until the ’90s era of Spawn and Blade before this kind of representation went mainstream. Today, thanks to the ubiquity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black superheroes like Sam Wilson, Black Panther, and Luke Cage are instantly recognizable to fans of the franchise.

But independent creators have also been hard at work for years—on platforms like Tumblr, Wattpad, and Webtoon—creating more diverse representations in storytelling, fantasy, and the superhero genre.

This week, we’re excited to shine a light on Tony Weaver Jr., an exceptional manga writer, content creator, and entrepreneur whose work is a testament to the power of diversity and integrity within the realm of manga. In 2020, Tony’s debut series, The UnCommons, took flight, featuring a diverse group of superheroes led by Iris, who receives a prophetic vision of the world’s end. Beyond fiction, Tony’s commitment extends to the real world—in February 2023, he uniquely collaborated with Crunchyroll to donate a manga library to a school in honor of Black History Month.

In a recent interview with Passionfruit, Tony delves into his unwavering dedication to diverse storytelling, entrepreneurial principles, and his experiences as a Black creator in 2023. Join us in celebrating his work.


Manga marvels: How one writer is revolutionizing the world of Black superheroes

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