😳 “What Did That Fridge Ever Do to You?”


It can be difficult to break through a crowded niche, especially for food creators. Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices—like Sonny Hurrell, who has graciously sacrificed his fridge for the sake of the content!

From doing martial arts with his fridge to putting googly eyes on a massive pepper grinder, Hurrell has infused absurd humor into his cooking videos to entertain his audience. Not to mention, he’s a seasoned chef (no pun intended) with years of experience that will teach you how to make better food. Passionfruit contributor Robert Dean spoke with Hurrell about starting his YouTube and TikTok, as well as what he hopes to achieve next.


For ThatDudeCanCook’s Sonny Hurrell, absurd humor is the secret ingredient to his popular YouTube videos

“I have no idea how I came up with the sentient pepper grinder.”

By Robert Dean, Passionfruit Contributor

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Loeya shares the biggest challenges of being a Twitch streamer

“Gaming’s always been my escape.”

By Grace Stanley, Passionfruit Reporter


5 of the best gaming headsets for streamers

Whether you’re into wired or wireless, prioritize sound or comfort, one of these should do the trick.

By Rachel Kiley, Passionfruit Contributor


A simple tutorial for the cutest birthday card ever!

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