🎉The Streamer Awards, SXSW, and More


Hi readers! It was truly a weekend of events. Not only did the Oscars kick off over the weekend with many fashion and film creators in attendance, but on Saturday, hundreds of thousands of fans tuned in to watch one of the most important creator awards show of the year: The Streamer Awards. Passionfruit Contributor Steven Asarch spoke with the show’s founder, QTCinderella, and recapped the night’s events for us.

Passionfruit is also at South by Southwest (SXSW) this year. It’s been a chaotic first few days since the conference kicked off on Friday. While last year’s conference was dominated by Web3 chatter, this year’s dominant topics appear to be a bit more dispersed, with a strong interest in artificial intelligence and the creator economy.

We saw a Shopify event showcasing creator-made products like Feastables and Chamberlain Coffee, a creator meet-up led by Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey, a BuzzFeed creator happy hour, numerous panels exploring the intersection of the music industry and content creators, panels dissecting the latest criticisms of AI tools from creators, a TikTok panel where an executive discussed how the company picks which content to “heat,” a discussion from creators Colin & Samir on entrepreneurship, and more. Silicon Valley Bank’s fall over the weekend also put a damper on the festival, with many tech companies and creator economy start ups feeling heat from the collapse.

We’re looking forward to sharing some original reporting from the conference upcoming this week. Stay tuned for more.


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