🔮 TikTokers Want To Manifest a Way Out of Dystopia


To say we’re living in a time of great uncertainty is… an understatement. As we navigate an economic downturn, among various other disasters, many TikTok users have tried their luck with manifestation sounds to take some control of their lives. While the state of the world is out of our hands, we can all easily make TikToks using popular audio clips that assert, “I don’t chase, I attract; what belongs to me will simply find me.”

However, spirituality experts caution against sounds that make impossible promises or appear to be using witchcraft as a gimmick rather than a spiritual practice. Manifestation sounds are primed for virality, encouraging viewers to share and engage with TikToks that use them in order to claim their energies or affirmations, but some users try to capitalize on them to garner clout. Passionfruit contributor Nicole Froio broke down why people turn to manifestation in times of distress and how manifestation sounds operate on TikTok.


TikTok manifestation sounds promise quick and easy fortune, but WitchTokers want you to be wary of gimmicks

As viewers turn to manifestation to cope with economic uncertainty, some TikTokers are making sounds to go viral.

By Nicole Froio, Passionfruit Contributor


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