🍼TikTok’s Doll Collector Controversy


Niche subcultures thrive on TikTok. Cannamoms, furries, adult age regressors, and more use the platform to find community and destigmatize their unique interests. However, the platform can breed hate against many marginalized creators who make it to the “wrong side of TikTok.”

This week, Passionfruit contributor Charlotte Colombo explains the TikTok community of “Reborn” doll creators—aka, the collectors of hyper-realistic baby dolls—who faced controversy after one of their own began “dumping” baby formula amidst the 2022 baby formula shortage. Colombo spoke with multiple Reborn creators about how the controversy brought harassment, death threats, and reputational damage upon the Reborn TikTok community.


How a national baby formula shortage rocked TikTok’s community of ‘Reborn’ doll collectors

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