🪦 Twitter Isn’t Dead—But Are Its Competitors?


Over a month since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the platform still seems to be in chaos.

Just this week, the company caught heat for disbanding its Trust and Safety council. It then confused creators with the launch of a gold and blue verification checkmark system. Just a few days ago, both Hank Green and John Green announced their departures from the platform, and Instagram launched a new text-only feature called Notes—which some have hailed as a potential rival to Twitter’s beloved text updates.

Many creators are seeking alternative options to continue the creator experience Twitter is known for: short text posts, repost options, and social messaging systems. In early November, names like Hive and Mastodon, which many people had never heard of before, began popping up as people ironically tweeted #RIPTwitter.

But are these alternative apps surviving the hype? This week, Passionfruit contributor Catherine Shuttleworth explored how Hive Social and Mastodon are holding up since catching fire. She explains how Twitter appears to live on—while these alternative platforms struggle to keep up with an influx of users and expectations.


Twitter isn’t dead: What happened to platforms hailed as the alternative?

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By Grace Stanley, Newsletter Editor



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