📖 How Wattpad Is Helping Writers Make a Living


Wattpad has long been a refuge for readers and writers on the internet looking for stories they couldn’t find in mainstream publishing. The platform has brought us some of the most iconic online fanfics and novels, and subsequently, movies and TV shows. It experimented with monetization options for its most popular writers before, launching Wattpad Stars in 2015, which granted top creators access to professional development resources and revenue.

In June, the company announced a revamped creator monetization effort called the Wattpad Creators Program, which aims to provide hundreds of writers with stipends, mentorship, marketing, and other paid opportunities. Passionfruit reporter Grace Stanley spoke with the platform’s president Jeanne Lam about the details of this new program and how Wattpad seeks to help its writers.


Wattpad President Jeanne Lam says the company seeks to empower writers with revamped creator program

“Our goal is for more writers to make a living from writing on Wattpad than anywhere else.” 

By Grace Stanley, Passionfruit Reporter

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TikToker says she was banned from Live after asking a troll to leave her live stream

“We have to talk TikTok.”

By Grace Stanley, Passionfruit Reporter



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