Red-Pilled Children in Trucker Hats


Yesterday, I had the unfortunate luck of setting my eyes upon a viral clip of a fan meet-and-greet gone wrong with a notoriously transphobic, YouTube-banned, self-proclaimed Red Pilled Rumble streamer known as “Sneako.” In the video, three little boys (probably around 12 years old?) dressed up as trucker-hat-wearing mini-me replicas of their favorite streamer. In cartoonish glee, they shouted at the influencer, “Fuck the women! Fuck the women!” When the influencer looked back in surprise and clarified, “No, we love women!” The children replied, “We love women but not, like, transgenders. … Fuck gays. All gays should die.” 

The influencer (at least to me) looked genuinely a bit sobered up and shocked by the children’s bluntness. That said, upon further reflection, Sneako decided to double down—he later tweeted that “boys will be boys,” and blamed “rainbow flags in classrooms” for the incident. Unsurprising, given his history. 

Sneako first crossed my Twitter feed (though I didn’t know his name at the time) as an ex-member of the MrBeast team, when he went viral for calling one of his former coworkers “delusional” and mentally ill for coming out as trans. He rose to prominence as a leading figure in the Red Pill incel community and became notorious for discussing incel theory with Andrew Tate and having race debates with white nationalist streamer Nick Fuentes. On YouTube, Sneako amassed over 2,000,000 subscribers, before being permanently banned for community guideline violations. Now, he’s on the wild, unmoderated west of alternative streaming platform Rumble

Does Sneako live in a vacuum? Has he never met a child before? It’s weird how surprised he seemed, and makes one wonder if he imagines his audience to be older than it is.

Of course, it’s well-known in the adult world that people online often don’t fully mean what they say, as the internet rewards controversy and dumpster-fire-starting. But kids are frickin’ sponges, and how can children know when people are saying inflammatory things to try to get as many eyeballs as possible and make money off of them? (Check out the FTC’s new guidelines that dropped yesterday about influencers’ “stealth” advertising to children, it’s wild). 


The Sneako clip is a real Frankenstein moment, the most recent in a long line of media personalities being surprised when faced with what they created. It bears resemblance to other right-wing figures like Ben Shapiro and Tim Pool who appeared surprised and defensive after social media logs of mass shooters revealed they were rapidly consuming the right-wingers’ content leading up to their acts of violence. Really, what do these people expect to happen?

Anyways, speaking of IRL meet-ups with influencers, Passionfruit contributor Steven Asarch went to a bar crawl meet-up of one of the most controversial influencers in New York City—WorldofTshirts. After signing a waiver for risks of “rat bites” and “falling debris,” he embarks on a journey that shows just how revealing seeing someone in the real world can be.


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