We’re Monetizing Ourselves, Just Like You


Passionfruit readers! Today’s a big day, and not just because my childhood best friend just put out a banger of a song that I’m personally jazzed to be namechecked in. No, today’s a big day because like a good chunk of you reading this, we’re finally monetizing!  

Yes, we’re launching our Passionfruit Patreon and Discord communities! ::applause, applause::

For those who don’t know, Passionfruit is owned by a small company called Fragment Media, which publishes some excellent sister sites of ours, like dailydot.com, nautil.us, and one5c.com. Fragment is not heavily funded by private equity or venture funding like a lot of other media companies, most of our profits come from ad revenue generated by Daily Dot and subscription revenue at Nautilus, but we’re starting to run our own advertising promotions at Passionfruit as well (if you’d like to sponsor this newsletter you can just respond to this email, tell ‘em James sent ya…except it’s actually just me, you’ll wind up just talking to me).

But if you’ve been paying attention to anything we’ve been saying here, the best revenue strategy for people making things on the internet (including us) is: All of Them. Platform revenue shares, licensing, classes, affiliates, sponsors, events, and yes…membership. Journalists are creators too (in some ways they are the original creators), and your Patreon subscription helps ensure that we can keep covering the people and platforms who matter, independently and doggedly. Membership makes us primarily accountable to our readers, and that’s exactly how we like it.

Our offering is going to evolve and grow over time (as all good things do), and we intend to eventually provide things like mentorship opportunities, masterclasses, discounts for things like insurance and legal, and the ability to connect with available talent, brands, and platforms.

But for now, the best thing we can offer to you is more of each other. We’ve been on the receiving ends of your tips, your compliments, your comments, and your concerns, and it dawned on us that truly “social” media isn’t about our one way megaphone repeating to you what you’re telling us, it’s really about letting you connect with each other in an environment that’s supportive, informative, and–between the lot of ya–pretty well connected within these creator-y circles.

Patreon is the way in, Discord is where the party is. Access is for our friends and members only, and your discretion in Discord is kind of part of the deal. We’ll be hosting group live sessions every week with creators known and unknown, and we’ll be inviting in more of the industry insiders whose names you might not recognize, but their work is what makes all this creator business into actual business (if this is you, you can also reply to this email and make yourself known, we’ll have comp passes for industry insiders because of course we will).

You may also notice some of these newsletter intros getting shorter, but that’s all we really intend to change about our free product. You’ll still get daily news coverage, twice weekly emails, event invitations, and all the regular Passionfruit juice you’ve come to know and love. 

But if you really love us and want more of our hottest takes (and each other), come say hi on our Patreon (you can subscribe for free there too if you just want a taste, but we’re running some limited time early bird pricing for the early adopters, so don’t sleep on it).

Endlessly thankful for everyone’s support and clicks, and extra excited to meet those of you who decide to join us. We’ll be slogging off together on Discord tomorrow after work around 6pm ET, BYOB but good hangs with good people making stuff online just like you. Come stop in!


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