The Passion Pit: Nick Lutsko Talks ‘Theme for Spirit Halloween;’ Lack of Gremlins in Chattanooga (Video)

Nick Lutsko playing guitar in front of Spirit Halloween Store
Retail Photographer/Shutterstock, Lawrence G. Miller/Flickr

Welcome to The Passion Pit, an interview series where we dive into the minds of today’s best creators and explore their creative process. What better skull to jump into first than horror comedy icon Nick Lutsko. From the “Theme For Spirit Halloween Trilogy” to his hour-long variety show Saturday Nick Live, Lutsko has carved out a fiercely loyal audience through absurdity and incredible songwriting.

He’s also probably the greatest advocate for the Gremlins series since Key and Peele.

Passionfruit recently sat down with Lutsko to discuss his roots in Chattanooga, TN, and his path toward becoming a creator in a small town. Starting in his early days in high school bands, Lutsko walks us through his musical training and how Tim Heidecker discovered him.

The modern internet is the great democratizer for creators. It opens windows for creators outside of entertainment hubs to shout and be heard. Based out of Chattanooga, TN (population 182,113), Lutkso welcomed us into his home to discuss his history and inspirations.

We hope you enjoy our interview with Nick Lutsko.

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