How To Make Six Figures on OnlyFans in Four Difficult Steps (and Hours of Content and Conversations)

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Online creators often need help finding a way to monetize the photos and videos they post. When OnlyFans launched in 2016, content creators were introduced to another way to make money. OnlyFans creators could charge followers a monthly subscription fee to access private content behind a paywall.

While this monetization method was similar to what platforms like Patreon offered, there was one main difference. OnlyFans allowed anyone to make money off their content, from fitness trainers to sex workers.

Bryce Adams started an OnlyFans account in January 2021 after brainstorming new ideas with her boyfriend. She decided to sign up for an account to see what would happen.

That night, she sold $62 worth of photos in just one hour. Adams decided to learn more about the platform and the potential content she could offer. She bought $300 worth of other people’s content for research purposes. That helped her understand the platform better and develop an initial content strategy.

In 2021, she set a goal to make $20,000 a week at some point during the first six months. But by the end of the year, she made $2.2 million. 

She still earns over $2 million a year from her three different OnlyFans pages and plans to continue growing her revenue.

Adams gave Passionfruit a behind-the-scenes look at how she’s grown her OnlyFans account over the years and her most significant lessons learned so far.

OnlyFans Creators - Bryce Adams
Bryce Adams/OnlyFans

1) OnlyFans creators need to keep content authentic

Adams used her OnlyFans account to showcase every part of her life. She creates end-to-end vlog material, which gives people access to everything she does daily, from playing with cats to working out, to even what happens in the bedroom. 

“Our content is just a display of our lives, leading to an authentic experience. I believe finding true authenticity on OnlyFans is a rarity, and our fans tend to really appreciate it,” Adams said. Because of it, I’ve built countless amazing connections I enjoy every day.”

Even though Adams consistently posts content, she doesn’t have a formal process.

“We don’t do whiteboards or storyboards or scripts or anything. I tend to think we live an interesting life. So we never have to worry about “making up” scenarios to turn into content,” she said. “We think of content as just documenting our lives. That’s what makes it authentic for our fans watching.”

2) Don’t stop engaging with your audience 

Abrams relies on her audience to make money. Her goal is to keep them engaged, and she does this by staying transparent. 

“We never hide or mislead,” she said. “Whatever the caption or title says happened, happened.”

She said honesty helps her stay on good terms with her fans and keep them coming back to see what’s new.

But she also tries to keep her fans involved and inspired to try new things in their lives, based on what she puts on her page.

“Our fans have told us from the beginning that through following us along, they’ve been able to examine their own sexuality, desires, relationships, health, and fitness and make changes that are true to themselves,” she said.

3) Find unique ways to market your content 

When Adams started her OnlyFans account, she had zero followers on the platform. She also had no other social media platforms to draw followers from.

But once her OnlyFans page took off, she realized it would be essential to tap into other platforms as a marketing tool. 

Adams finally started her social media journey on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube in 2022. Since she can’t promote her OnlyFans account on other platforms to avoid violating terms of service, she’s found other options. For example, sharing fitness content on different social platforms helps people find their way to her OnlyFans page. But instead of linking in her content, she advertises in the link in her social media bios. 

4) Optimize your content 

In addition to being as genuine as possible and treating fans with respect and support, Adam encouraged new creators who want to grow on OnlyFans to start and not stop.

“You can keep trying new things if something doesn’t work. There’s always more than one solution to practically any problem,” she said. ‘“Just because one attempt didn’t work doesn’t mean the next won’t. This applies to anything, not just OnlyFans.”

OnlyFans Creators - Bryce Adams holding a cat
Bryce Adams/OnlyFans

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