How To Get Your OnlyFans Payout As Soon As Possible

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When you start creating content on OnlyFans knowing how to start getting paid is vital. You can get your OnlyFans payout daily, weekly, or monthly. You work hard to provide quality content to your new fans, so it’s only fair you’re able to access the funds you’re rightfully earning. Here’s how to get your OnlyFans cash as quickly and easily as possible.

How Does OnlyFans Payout?

OnlyFans can be set to payout either manually or automatically. You can change your payment settings whenever you want, so don’t be afraid to try each out. Follow these steps to select either Automatic or Manual payout for OnlyFans. 

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select the Statements option.
  • Now select Payout Requests.
  • Find the box marked Current Balance. This shows your Current and Pending Balances. Click on the dropdown menu to select Manual payouts or Automatic payouts. 
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The minimum payout amount on OnlyFans is $20 (all amounts are in USD). That means you won’t be able to withdraw funds until you earn at least $20. 

If you set your payout to automatic, you can choose the payout amount beyond $20 you want. For example, if you put your payout minimum to $200, OnlyFans will automatically pay out the funds when your current balance reaches that amount. 

Manual payout is what it sounds like. You can request a payout whenever you’d like from OnlyFans. However, the minimum payout amount remains $20. 

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Start Getting Paid On OnlyFans? 

When you first sign up for OnlyFans, there is a seven-day hold on withdrawing money from the site. During this period, the site will verify your identity and input your banking information into the system. 

Your banking information must match the ID information verified with your account. You are not allowed to use someone else’s bank account.

After seven days, you can withdraw your current balance from the site as often as every day, provided you have at least $20 in earnings. 

What Are OnlyFans Payout Methods?

You’ll have access to various ways to get your money, depending on which country you’re in. However, the three most popular OnlyFans payout available are:

Direct Deposit

OnlyFans sends your money directly to your bank through ACH if you’re in the United States. If you’re international, you’ll need a SWIFT code. You can Google your bank name and SWIFT or call your branch and ask. 

Direct deposit is the least expensive and fastest way to get your money. OnlyFans and most banks do not charge a service fee for this type of withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20. According to OnlyFans, receiving your funds takes about three business days, but I usually get mine the next day.

Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is a good option if you can’t access direct deposit in your region. However, remember that the minimum payout for wire transfers for OnlyFans is $200. Most banks charge a significant fee as well. Wire transfers can take 5-10 business days to process.


Currently, OnlyFans supports Wise, Paxum, Skrill, and Paypal e-wallets for payouts. Some of these services allow you to open an account in the United States. The minimum withdrawal amount and charges vary based on the service you use. 

Some e-wallets offer add-on services, such as converting funds to cryptocurrency on the backend. However, while withdrawals are instantaneous, e-wallets can have pricey fees.

How Long Do OnlyFans Payouts Take?

Direct deposit is the fastest way to receive funds from an OnlyFans payout, typically within three business days. A wire transfer can take between five and ten business days. 

E-wallets can be an instant way to receive funds outside the United States but come with higher fees.

What Is The Minimum OnlyFans Payout?

With direct deposit, the minimum payout amount is $20. Wire transfers have a higher minimum, requiring $200 before you can payout. E-wallets have the same minimums but can have set maximums. Paypal, for instance, has a maximum of $100 per transaction.  

Direct deposit is the best option if you have it. It’s fast, no fees, and only requires $20 in your account.

How Much Does OnlyFans Take From My Earnings? 

OnlyFans keeps 20 percent of all payments received and pays you the remaining 80 percent. That means you’ll need to make $25 on the site before your earnings show $20. Remember to factor in the OnlyFans cut when you’re projecting your earnings. 

Get Your Money

Getting your hard-earned money from OnlyFans isn’t difficult. Post some good content, provide your identity documents and banking information, and you’re ready to start earning. It’s simply a matter of deciding which payment option works best for you and building an audience.

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