Here Are the Exact Email Scripts Three Top Influencers Send To Land Big Brand Deals

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Every influencer dreams of the day they see big-name brands in their inbox eager to work with them on a paid social media partnership. As creators build their audience and gain proof of engagement, the chances of being approached for partnerships increase. But until then, some influencers take a more proactive approach to monetizing their platforms.

One of the best ways to do that is by pitching to brands that match your audience and content. If you’re wondering what to say to make a brand hit the reply button, we can help. Here are examples of real scripts that influencers have shared in the past to land them deals of their own. 

By following their best practices and examples you can forge your own path toward sponsorship. Just don’t copy these emails directly. After all, sponsors are looking for creativity, and you never know who else might have copied these templates.

Pitching to brands as an influencer: The email scripts three top Instagram content creators send to land brand deals—and what you can learn from them

Lesson 1: Ask Questions 

You might think a brand pitch email should just share information about your platforms and interest in working with the company. Alexandra Murrietta, a lifestyle influencer and actress with more than 300,000 Instagram followers, disagrees. She makes sure to ask questions when reaching out for collaborations.

Here’s Alexandra’s email template:

Hello _____ team,

My name is Alexandra Murrietta and I am a Lifestyle influencer and Actress based in Los Angeles, California.  I am always happy to support new or established brands on my social channels.

Most of my content is dedicated to empowering, inspiring and motivating everyday women who work tirelessly in their daily lives to balance many demanding roles: Student, businesswoman, girlfriend, wife, mother.

I love to share fashion styles, beauty, and lifestyle tips, as well as creative ideas in my videos and posts. Additionally, I enjoy featuring travel and motivational posts and videos that inspire modern millennial women.

Would a collaboration at this time be beneficial for you? Please let me know how I can support you. What is your budget for regular collaborations and/or brand ambassadors?

I will attach my media kit for your consideration below.

Murrietta’s email establishes her credibility and the themes of her content, but it also asks brands direct questions about their potential interest and their budget. This way, if they reply, she can grasp what an offer might look like before deciding if a deal is even worth pursuing. 

Lesson 2: Interact with the brand before sending an email

If there’s a brand you already adore, be active on their page. Kristin Addis, a travel influencer with over 100,000 Instagram followers, follows a few steps before sending a cold email.

“If the brand has an Instagram account, I’ll often court them by commenting and liking their stuff,” Addis said. “Sometimes I’ll ask for travel tips as well via DMs. It helps if they have some familiarity with me before I head to their inbox.”

After establishing a connection with a brand, Addis will then send an email to hopefully land a deal.

Here’s Kristin’s email template:

Hi ___,

Thanks for your Instagram reply! I’m following up with some ideas for a 2023 collaboration, as well as my media kit. I’ve created individual case studies as well of past client projects that I am happy to follow up with if you’d like.

Here are some ideas for our collaboration:

– Personalized Idea #1

– Idea #2

– Idea #3

All of that said, I would be happy to do just about anything. Let me know what you think and I can send back my coverage packages for your consideration.



Including personalized ideas inside a pitch email allows the brand to see what kind of content you had in mind for the partnership—and also shows that you’re highly interested in working with them in the future. 

Lesson 3: Make the email as personalized as possible 

Having an email script is a helpful way to start drafting your brand pitch. However, Kate Thrane, a gluten-free recipe developer influencer with over 10,000 followers on Instagram, makes sure her emails aren’t generic. Instead, she prides herself on tailoring the copy to fit how her content fits the brand and its products.

Here’s Kate’s email template: 

Hi ____, 

I [insert social media handle] am always on the lookout for delicious, high-quality ingredients to use in my gluten-free recipes, and I am a huge fan of your chocolate. That’s why I would love the opportunity to collaborate with you on an Instagram reel.

My account, [insert social media handle], is dedicated to sharing tasty and easy-to-follow gluten-free recipes with my [insert number] followers. I have a strong focus on dessert recipes [insert niche], and I know that using the right ingredients is key to creating delicious, indulgent treats that everyone can enjoy.

I would love to showcase your chocolate [insert brand’s product] in one of my recipe videos and share the delicious results with my followers. I have a creative and engaging approach to content creation, and I am confident that our collaboration would be a hit with my audience (which has a [insert number] engagement rate).

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and create some mouth-watering content together. Thank you for considering me for a collaboration!


[Your Name]

While it might be more time-consuming to send an email that’s personalized to the brand and its products, Thrane said using this approach could lead to better results and more brands willing to say yes.

Start writing your own email

Now that you’ve seen how the experts reach out to potential partners, it’s time to write your own email. Remember, your voice is what the client is buying, so make sure to introduce yourself and your content authentically. The future of your business could depend on it.

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