Roblox Paid Out $741 Million to Its Creators in 2023

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In a new annual report filed Wednesday, Roblox claimed that it paid out a total of $740.8 million to creators.

Up from $623.9 million in 2022, the filing shows that 100 different games — including some made by third-party creators — brought in at least $1 million in sales. 

Of the platform’s 68 million daily users, the vast majority of them are 16 or younger. With its sandbox format, users can build their own games with Roblox — but the company has caught heat before for allegedly ‘exploiting’ these very young game developers.

The 2021 investigation, which the YouTube channel People Make Games released, noted how, back then, creators had to earn $100,000 of the in-game currency Robux before being able to withdraw any money.

The channel also noted how difficult it is to get your game noticed on Roblox, with users often paying for advertising slots in Robux. In turn, they never met the threshold to withdraw money.

In the years since, Roblox has made numerous changes to try and make the platform more attractive to creators. This included eschewing Robux in favor of USD and letting creators earn 100% revenue in some areas of the Creator Store.

Based on these most recent figures, it looks like the gamble has paid off.

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