‘It Never Fully Went Away, and Neither Did My Insecurities’: People Think Influencer Known for Facial Scar Is Faking It for Clout

Photo credit: @aauriettv/TikTok

This story originally appeared on the Daily Dot.

Gaining notoriety for her viral lip-syncing videos, TikToker Annie Bonelli (@wtmab) garnered praise from viewers for proudly flaunting a thin, diagonal scar across her cheek.

However, others voiced their suspicions about whether or not her scar is real or just a ploy to set herself apart from the oversaturated community of lip-syncing accounts on the app, citing dramatic changes in the size, color, and placement of the scar. Viewers dubbed Bonelli “scar girl,” and #scargirl has garnered over 361.5 million views as of Jan. 24.

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