Spotify Video Podcasts Can Now Be Uploaded By Anyone

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You no longer need to be a hosted podcaster to upload videos to Spotify. Previously, creators had to be signed up to the free podcast hosting platform called “Spotify for Podcasters” or use a partner hosting platform (like Substack) in order to do this. 

Now, instead, any creator can use the Spotify for Podcasters portal to upload videos, including those hosted by other platforms that aren’t partnered with Spotify for Podcasters.

While all podcast creators could separate their video feeds from audio, this led to two separate podcast episodes being uploaded. But a Spotify spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that this feature was finally changed last week.

How to upload video podcasts to Spotify

To use this feature, creators need to go to the Spotify for Podcasters portal. 

They then need to find the audio-only version of a podcast and click the three dots on the right. This will provide them with the option of adding a video version.

Video podcasts are booming

Spotify also shared a number of figures with TechCrunch that demonstrate the magnitude of its pivot to video podcasts. According to the streaming service, there are over 170 million global users watching video podcasts on Spotify. 

The streamer also noted that the number of people watching video podcasts has grown by 40% year-over-year. Currently, the platform has more than 250,000 video podcasts, which is more than double the number it had in 2023 (100,000). 

“With the number of podcasters publishing videos on our platform growing nearly 70% over the past year, it’s clear that video podcasts are resonating with users,” Maya Prohovnik, Spotify’s vice president of podcast product, said to TechCrunch. “The appetite for video content has increased immensely across all of our major content categories.”

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