Substack Launches ‘Creator Studio,’ a Fellowship for Video Creators

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With the launch of its new ‘Creator Studio’ fellowship for video creators, Substack is the latest platform to try and capitalize on the rise of short-form video content.

But according to Substack’s May 7 blog post announcing the program, it definitely has nothing to do with a potential TikTok ban. Totally not suspicious timing at all.

What is the Substack Creator Studio program?

As part of the Substack Creator Studio program, ten fellows — who must already have an established social media presence as a video creator — will gain access to “world-class strategic support and promotion.” The deadline to apply is May 17 at 5pm PST.

The fellowship will be delivered as part of a partnership with Gymnasium, a short-form television studio. Creators will receive “white-glove technical support” as they launch their Substack profile. They’ll also get “robust marketing commitment” and “a program culminating event to celebrate their work.”

In an email exchange with Passionfruit, Substack confirmed that money would not be part of this fellowship. But the company reiterated that fellows would benefit from Substack’s 90/10 revenue split.

The platform also clarified that while only ten creators would be chosen for this program, Substack would also hold a masterclass for other video creators looking to build a profile there. 

Can video creators monetize on Substack?

In November 2023, Substack rolled out enhanced video tools on the platform. These included a video-podcast uploader, which automatically splits audio from video. It also offered a flexible video paywall and a redesigned video page. These features made it easier than ever for Substack creators to pivot to video.

Austin Tedesco is Substack’s head of video and podcasting. In a blog post announcing the program, he said: “The Substack model — where writers have a direct relationship with subscribers, while maintaining ownership of their work and mailing list — has proven to be a boon for independent writers, who make up the backbone of this platform. But we’ve also seen this model work well for audio.”

“Now,” he continued, “the best video creators are exploring how they can build their homes on Substack too. As instability hits their medium, they’re looking for a reliable platform where they can build a business and have complete ownership over their work.”

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