TikTokers Are Talking to Their (Hypothetical) Ancestors in This New Trend

Photo credit: TikTok@dineaesthetics/video/7200157333408795946?_r=1&_t=8ZuC3WqwbpG @dontgotaclueintheworld/TikTok @zevulous/TikTok

This story originally appeared on theĀ Daily Dot.

An Indie Pop song released in 2015 is the unlikely the backdrop for a new TikTok trend in which creators imagine conversations they’d want to have with their ancestors.

The trend, set to a sped-up version of Ryn Weaver’s “Pierre,” has taken TikTok by storm in the last two days. The TikTok audio has been used in over 15,000 videos, many of which show how surprised people from the past might be if they saw the ways we lived today.

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