A TikToker Pulling Six Figures a Year Shares Four Things She Wished She Knew When She Started

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During the pandemic, TikTok skyrocketed in popularity. People flocked to the app to watch entertaining videos and participate in catchy dance trends. Creators posted video after video, hoping to gain popularity and become well-known influencers on the platform. TikTok content creator Stephanee Beggs downloaded the app in June of 2022 because she had spare time during the pandemic.

She posted two quick videos just for fun. One was about her and her best friend, using a trending audio sound. The other video was about her nursing school journey. It immediately went viral and got more than 240,000 likes. 

From that moment on, she posted educational content about the topics she was studying for the NCLEX and the nursing board exam. 

“To be honest, there was no intent behind the posts, yet each video kept going viral,” Beggs said. “I started to realize that viewers really enjoyed the educational aspect of nursing and healthcare.”

Since then, Beggs has gained more than 780,000 followers on TikTok and has earned over $100,000 a month from the platform. She told Passionfruit how she makes her money and what she wishes she knew before becoming a millionaire content creator. Here are her top tips. 


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1) Give the audience what they need

TikTok content creators often lean into the topics their audience finds the most interesting. If a video goes viral or receives a lot of comments, it will create more content around those topics or overall themes.

Beggs followed a similar approach when thinking about ways to monetize her booming audience.  Her videos were getting millions of views and thousands of comments. She read through the comments to see what people were asking for.

At first, most of her popular videos were her teaching topics off of handwritten nursing study sheets

“In the comment section of each video, viewers began to ask for the study sheets I was using to teach from,” she said. “I truly didn’t think that many people would find my handwritten sheets very valuable, but I decided to make an Etsy shop anyway in the hopes of making a few dollars.”

Since she started the shop in 2020, she’s been able to sell more than 70,000 items and make close to $2 million in revenue. 

She gets most of her customers through the organic content she posts on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube

“Viewers like the content I teach online, so they head to my Etsy shop to learn more,” she said.   

2) Being a TikTok content creator is a big commitment 

In addition to being a full-time nurse and working 12-hour shifts at the hospital, Beggs is a full-time content creator and business owner. On her days off, or when her work day is over, she heads home to film content, edit videos, and answer emails.

“I wish I knew the amount of time and effort it takes to create content,” she said.

Even though it might seem like Beggs has a content team behind her, she said she’s a one-woman show.

“I spent countless hours coming up with scripts, filming content, and editing the videos all myself.”

If you’re hoping to be a viral TikTok creator, Beggs shared that it’s anything but glamorous, so be prepared to work hard.

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3) You have to show up even when you lack motivation

Beggs posts new content a couple of times a week to show up for her millions of followers across all of her platforms. Sometimes, the ideas for videos flow naturally. Other times, it’s a struggle. 

“I also find myself in a creative block at times, which is extremely hard to find the motivation or inspiration to make content,” she said.

What she’s realized, and hopes helps other creators is that you can be your worst enemy when brainstorming ideas.

“I want to make videos to the best of my ability, and I am constantly reminded by my followers that they are grateful for any content I create, big or small,” she said.

4) Consistency is everything as a TikTok content creator

Being a content creator who makes 6-figures every month doesn’t happen because of luck. It happens when a strategy is executed. For Beggs, the heartbeat of her strategy relies on consistency.

“Posting on social media daily keeps engagement high,” she said. “That then means that people are more inclined to check out what you’re selling.”

When she’s tired or finds it hard to stay consistent, Beggs looks to her audience for inspiration.

“I would not be where I am today without the community I have built,” she said. “They have trusted my learning style, showered me with love when I feel unworthy of it, and allowed me to guide them through their nursing journey. I could not be more grateful.”

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