TikTok Is in Its SEO Era

tiktok creator search insights dashboard
TikTok Creator Search Insights

Cementing its potential as a search engine, TikTok has announced a new Creator Search Insights feature. The tool, already available in certain regions, helps users discover the topics that TikTok viewers are searching for.

Per the post on TikTok Newsroom, “search powers discovery on TikTok.” Now, it says it can help power creators, too.

To use the tool, just type “Creator Search Insights” word for word in TikTok’s search bar. The tool then puts search terms into categories, like tourism or sports. It can also arrange them in a “For You” page made up of the same type of content you create. 

The most interesting filter, however, is the “content gap” filter. The content gap filter explores topics that, while searched often, don’t appear in many TikToks.

Creators will be able to see what’s most popular based on a “recommended” label or a “popularity score.” This will help creators uncover topics that have a “high potential for engagement,” and can help inform their TikTok search engine optimization (SEO) content strategy. 

But there are aspects of this news that are a bit concerning. According to TikTok, the Creator Rewards monetization program will integrate search value into its payout structure.

So, we find ourselves in a situation where creators might feel incentivized to make content gamified for search traffic — irrespective of whether they can actually do that topic justice.

Do we really want a creator landscape shaped by TikTok SEO? If TikTok creators start making topics based on their engagement potential, as opposed to things they’re actually passionate about, will this lead to a downward spiral of soulless click-chasing? Or will creators actually use this tool to help them find and serve the right audiences?

Let’s hope TikTok and its creators proceed with caution. Knowledge is power, after all.

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