TikTok Tests AI Search Results

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Are AI-generated search results coming to TikTok? It certainly looks to be that way based on screenshots obtained by The Verge.

The new feature, named “AI Smart Search,” purportedly includes AI-generated material related to your search term. This could include the “best laptops” or food recipes.

In a separate page explaining the feature screenshotted by the Verge, the TikTok says its algorithm “displays these answers when it finds them relevant to your search.”

The Passionfruit team was unable to replicate the results on our own FYPs. Also, TikTok did not respond to our request for comment about the feature. So it seems likely that this feature is in the very early stages and hasn’t been rolled out to many people yet.

What other AI features does TikTok have?

In February 2024, TikTok rolled out the AI-powered Creative Assistant, which boasted features like trend insights, trending hashtags, and even the ability to brainstorm or write out entire video scripts. The add-on is available from within Adobe Express.

Back in January 2024, TikTok also rolled out an ‘AI song’ generator to a limited number of creators which, as the name implied, allowed users to make AI-generated songs. 

But the most recent — and arguably most important — AI feature is its Content Credentials tool, which automatically identifies and labels AI-generated content made on other platforms such as DALL.E3 and Sora

Like it or lump it, the AI arms race is upon us. And clearly, TikTok wants to posit itself as a frontrunner. 

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