U.S. Court Sets September Court Date for Legal Challenges to TikTok Ban

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On May 28, a U.S. appeals court set a date for September 2024 to hear legal challenges against the legislation that could ban TikTok nationwide.

The bill, signed into law by President Joe Biden, forces China-based parent company ByteDance to sell its assets by Jan. 19, 2025, to a U.S. buyer. If it doesn’t, it will face a U.S. ban. TikTok has said it will not sell the app.

When is TikTok’s court date in the U.S.?

As reported by Reuters, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia will hear the oral arguments against the legislation this September.

The news comes after a group of creators joined forces on May 17 with TikTok and the Department of Justice to request a fast-track schedule to review lawsuits against the legislation.

The groups specifically asked the court to make a decision by Dec. 6, 2024, in order to request a Supreme Court review of the decision before the deadline of Jan. 19 to sell or ban the app.

While TikTok and the group of creators requested this schedule together, they are suing the government separately. Both argue that banning the platform is a violation of First Amendment rights.

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