Twitch Changes Up Its Suspension Evasion Policy

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Twitch has announced that it’s changing its Suspension Evasion Policy in order to “help provide clarity around what is allowed when viewing content by a suspended streamer.”

In a lengthy post on Twitch’s official X account, the streaming platform clarified that, under its Community Guidelines, users are allowed to “discuss or react to” VODs or livestreams from suspended users. 

But while commentary and reacting are encouraged, the platform maintained that hosting a suspended user on your stream or “sharing their content verbatim” without adding their own commentary remains unallowed. Streamers are also not permitted to have a suspended user participate in their stream, even if their account isn’t the one that’s banned.

“Sharing commentary is a big part of the Twitch experience, and we believe this update strikes the right balance,” the platform added on the X post. “It helps ensure suspensions are honored, while giving our community room to discuss topics that are of interest to them.”

While numerous netizens responded by deriding Twitch for changing its policies again, the official account replied to some users defending the platform’s actions. 

“Content on Twitch is always evolving, and we want to make sure our rules work as intended and keep up with emerging content and behaviors,” the platform said in one reply. “When needed, we make updates to our rules to capture those shifts in behavior, and so it’s clear to the community what is and isn’t allowed.”

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