Twitch Is Getting Its Own FYP

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Another creator platform is taking a leaf out of TikTok’s book, as Twitch gears up to release its own version of a For You Page with the Twitch Discovery Feed. This huge announcement was made during an episode of Patch Notes, a weekly streaming show hosted by the platform’s internal staff. Here’s what we know.

How does the Twitch Discovery Feed work?

The “Discovery Feed,” will include not one, but two, separate scrollable feeds: a live feed and a short-form video clip feed. Like TikTok’s Following and For You feeds, users will be able to switch between these two feeds with the push of a button.

“In the live feed, you can scroll through tons of live streams from both streamers you already follow as well as streamers that we recommend based on your watch history” Twitch Product Manager Jessica Sung explained.

 “This is meant to help you find something quickly to watch without having to sit through a pre-roll ad before you even know if that content is something you’re going to like.”

When is the Twitch Discovery Feed coming?

The Discovery Feed will be rolled out to all users by the end of April 2024. It will only be available as a tab on the Twitch mobile app.  

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