Twitch Hikes Its Subscription Prices, and Some Creators Aren’t Happy

Twitch Updates Its Subscription Pricing
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Twitch announced updated subscription prices for users in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Turkey. The platform says this is in order to “keep pace with rising costs and reflect local currency fluctuations.” 

Specifically, the streamer is raising its tier 1 subscription by 25% in Canada, the UK, and Australia — which translates to a $1/£1 increase in each country — and raising all of Turkey’s subscription prices by more than 300%.

In a recorded Q&A streamed on Feb. 20, Mike Minton, Chief Monetization Officer of Twitch, also confirmed that Twitch subscription price hikes would soon be coming to the US — although it’s not yet clear what said hikes would look like.

“Stating what may be obvious to some people, these things are pretty well connected. It is extremely likely we will see a US price increase. We’re working on the details as to what the increase will be and when,” he said.

This first wave of changes begins on March 28. Though Twitch says the price hikes aim “to help streamer revenue keep pace with rising costs,” it’s safe to say that some of the streamers affected by it are not happy. 

“Even if the price increase to Twitch subs is by a small amount in some regions, I think that small increase is enough to deter people from subbing to their streamers they enjoy,” streamer Brovail explained on Twitter. “Exactly why I tell my viewers that you don’t have to sub if you can’t financially.” 

“I don’t really think Twitch needs to increase the price of Twitch subs in the UK,” streamer Seapeekay added. “Part of me wishes we could set our own price for them! would be super cool!” 

“Twitch doesn’t want Australians to be content creators,” a third added. “Thanks for the sub price increase.”

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