New Court Documents Detail Abuse Allegations Against YouTube Prankster Twomad


This story contains descriptions of sexual assault and abuse.

Known on YouTube as the prankster Twomad, Muudea Sedik made a name for himself as a cringe comedian. He amassed over 2.2 million subscribers on his main channel. He popularized the “zoom bombing” trend of the early pandemic and collaborated with internet icon Belle Delphine.

But when you peel back Twomad’s online persona, there is a darker reality.

On July 6, cosplayer Isabella Montagna filed an application for a Civil Harassment Protection Order against Sedik, according to documents obtained by Passionfruit. Montagna received a temporary restraining order pending on July 28. The documents claim that Sedik “sexually assaulted [her] on multiple occasions, including coerced oral sex and intercourse” and “pulled his gun on [her] while [she] was standing on his front porch.”

“I am terrified of Mr. Sedik, and I fear he will retaliate against me,” she writes in the order. 

The Accusations Against Twomad

In her application, 19-year-old Montagna claims to be a “former friend/acquaintance” of 23-year-old Sedik. She met him online shortly after she turned 18 in October 2021. A month after they started talking, she claimed that she went over to Sedik’s house. There, he asked for her ID to verify her age and to hand over her phone, which made her “uncomfortable.” So then, she left.  

According to the filing, in December 2021, she claims that Sedik “manipulated (her) into coming back to his house.” This, she alleges, was after ensuring her that he “wouldn’t take any sexual advance” towards her and just “wanted to apologize.”

After giving her some marijuana, he “pulled out his penis and demanded that [she] give him oral sex.” Though she refused, he allegedly “placed himself between [her] and the door and began to get enraged.” Fearing for her safety, Montagna says she obliged “against [her] will.”  

Over the next few weeks, Montagna claims that Sedik would “coerce” her into “sexual relations” that she did not consent to. In one instance, he sent over a “contract” he had written. The contract allegedly claimed he would not “demand, entertain, sexual activity” with Montagna.

Her last physical interaction with Twomad was in January 2022. Then, she told him that she would never allow him to touch her again.

“He ran after me, tried to tackle me, and he groped my breasts,” Montagna wrote. “He seemed to find that funny. I was in tears begging him to let me leave.” 

When she made it out the door, she said two of Sedik’s friends pulled into the driveway. She claims they said he was “known to act this way towards women.” She did not go to the police for fear of Sedik retaliating. (According to the application, in 2023, she filed a report to the Culver City police department. But police did not arrest Sedik).

Afterwards, he sent a video saying that he apologized “for sexual advances” that made her uncomfortable. But she says the alleged abuse didn’t stop there. 

Montagna claims Sedik continued to contact her over the next few months through eight different burner phones. She even claims that he sent a package to her parent’s home. 

“I am terrified that Respondent is going to kill me and/or continue to exert sexual control over me,” her statement concludes. “His conduct has led to my extreme anxiety, depression, and habits of self-harm.” 

Who is Twomad?

Sedik started posting on YouTube on his Twomad channel in late 2016 and then began streaming on Twitch in early 2017. He played shooter games like “Overwatch” and “Rainbow Six: Siege.” In addition, Sedik posted compilations of his stream highlighting irritating exploits to YouTube in early 2018. He quickly started pulling in millions of views.

Now, his content is a fever dream. Made for teenagers, it is full of extreme and edgy editing. He convinced his fans to break their keyboards, insult K-Pop stans, or get him over one million TikTok followers in one day. 

In 2019, Twitch permanently banned Sedik for breaking the Community Guidelines after he went on Omegle and showed a penis on stream.

Even so, that did very little to slow his ascent — in early 2020, Sedik posted a video of him crashing college classes on Zoom that has amassed over 15 million views. Popularizing the “zoom bombing” phenomenon, he appeared on news programs around the globe. 

Over the next few years, Twomad’s content continued to be loud, viral, and controversial. In early 2021, he started selling “N-word passes,” which claimed you could say a slur without recourse (Sedik is Black). In the summer of 2022, he did a photoshoot collaboration with e-girl and bath water salesperson Belle Delphine.

Weeks before the Delphine shoot, police arrested Sedik for trespassing at Six Flags in Los Angeles, according to an arrest report seen by Passionfruit, where he attempted to steal a security guard’s bike in a now-deleted video (no court date or sentencing appeared online).

Accuser Comes Forward

On June 23, 2023, Twomad posted a now-deleted offensive tweet above a picture of Brianna Ghey, a transgender teen murdered in Warrington, England. The day after, while he was facing backlash for that tweet, Montagna posted a series of tweets of incidents mentioned in her report, like the multiple burner phones, their Discord conversations, the signed contract, and the video apology Sedik filmed.

In response, Sedik posted dozens of tweets, calling the allegations “fake news,” “from a crazy bitch” and denied the allegations from the apology video on Twitter (despite filming it himself). He wrote, “NONE OF THE WORDS I SAY HERE WERE FROM ME, IT WAS WRITTEN BY HER FRIEND AND I READ IT ON VIDEO.” 

“If this girl experienced all that why doesn’t she give details on what happened before im made out as guilty.” Sedik wrote on Twitter in response to a tweet about the allegations. “She doesn’t give a fuckin crumb of what actually happened like what you forgot or some shi.” 

Twomad’s Response

Online, creators can create a fictional version of themselves, allowing them to dismiss bad behavior as a bit from a character. But Twomad may just be who he says he is on camera: an aggressive, over-the-top edgelord who turns the misery of others into laughs. Though he’s obviously much more jovial and playful when the cameras are on, behind the scenes, there may be something more sinister at play. 

And Sedik doesn’t really seem to care about the accusations, downplaying them as hearsay or just absolute nonsense. Online, he’s been very clear that he doesn’t take these allegations seriously, even when his fans beg him to stop.

In response to Passionfruit’s request for comment, Sedik wrote, “In case of negative press, gorlami, and im literally driving,” referring to an “Inglorious Basterds” meme to express surprise and the first words he said in his apology video.  

Update, Feb. 14, 2024, 4pm ET: 23-year-old Sedik was found dead in his home. The death is being investigated as a possible drug overdose.

California court records Passionfruit viewed say the civil suit with Sedik and Montagna was still open as of December 2023. Isabella Montagna obtained a permanent restraining order for three years that was filed in December 2023.

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