It’s a Busy Week for YouTube Shorts

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While TikTok’s future is literally hanging by a thread, one of its biggest competitors has been growing. It’s only been a year since YouTube started offering ads for Shorts, but there have been some updates.

In a new blog post, the platform revealed that more than 25% of channels in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) have been able to monetize their Shorts via ads. This was revealed by Thomas Kim, YouTube’s Director of Product Management and Creator Monetization.

In the post, Kim emphasized the importance of a multiformat approach to monetization. He noted how 80% of the creators who joined the YPP via Shorts eligibility thresholds are also earning through other monetization means, like BrandConnect or YouTube Premium.

So, it should come as no surprise that YouTube Shorts is now adding another revenue stream to the mix. As reported by TechCrunch on March 28, the platform is set to give creators the option of putting some of their short-form video content behind a paywall. 

These ‘Members Only’ YouTube Shorts are designed to entice viewers to sign up for paid membership. These updates give certain content an extra air of exclusivity. 

But will people buy into it? With these updates, YouTube Shorts probably hopes to see similar success to TikTok with its TikTok Live Subscriptions. Although, for a lot of consumers, there is nothing more off-putting than a paywall. 

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