YouTuber Coffeezilla’s Investigation Into Merch Company Revolt is Pretty Damning

Coffeezilla youtuber in front of skyscrapers with youtube influencers

When it comes to merch drops, a company known as Revolt has been a go-to organization for countless creators — including MrBeast, Anthony Padilla, Valkyrae, Tubbo, and Nihachu. But a new investigation by independent journalist Coffeezilla has thrown the legitimacy of this business into doubt.

Coffeezilla’s YouTube investigation, which has accumulated over 4.8 million views since it was posted on Dec. 27, 2023, revealed that Twitch streamer Nihachu, alongside over a dozen sources who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that creators who worked with Revolt were owed thousands of dollars by the company.

In addition, a leading manager at Revolt, Ryan Piasente (who is also a well-known manager with the Misfits YouTube group), is facing accusations of sexual misconduct and misusing company funds from former colleagues who spoke with Coffeezilla.

(Coffeezilla didn’t immediately respond to Passionfruit’s request for comment via email. We also attempted to reach out to Revolt via LinkedIn message and two email addresses. Both emails bounced back.)

In an interview with Coffeezilla, Nihachu claims that Revolt still owes her $300,000 for a 2022 merch drop. To make things worse, Nihachu also claims that fans are still waiting for the merch they paid for over a year later. Other creators, like Tubbo and Anthony Padilla, have reported on social media similar issues with receiving payments from Revolt.

One of the most damning revelations is arguably Revolt’s deal with MrBeast. Coffeezilla says an anonymous former Revolt “insider” told him the company shared financial projections with MrBeast that they knew his merch sales wouldn’t meet. According to Coffeezilla, this insider also claimed that the company altered invoices from the merch’s factory in China so that MrBeast would pay Revolt more than he needed to.

Financial records, which Coffeezilla says he received from anonymous individuals who worked for Revolt, also suggest that Piasente racked up thousands of dollars on dinners, a rental mansion, a rental Ferrari, and six private jet trips in one month. In addition, Coffeezilla said in his video that he obtained paper trails of Piasente using company funds to pay creators for nudes. Simultaneously, five people have also come forward with a number of sexual misconduct and assault allegations against Piasente.

Typically, these kinds of investigations would be more in a legacy journalist’s wheelhouse, but these latest revelations uncovered by Coffeezilla reinforce the YouTuber’s growing prominence as a thorough independent investigative reporter — trusted enough by major creators like Nihachu.

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