📜 Bunny Barbie Receives Cease-and-Desist Letter From Mattel


Welcome to Passionfruit’s 100th newsletter. It’s been a joy speaking with so many fabulous creators and creator economy leaders since this newsletter’s inception. We hope to show you more of the underreported and underrated leaders that push the creator economy forward in hundreds of stories to come.

In this week’s highlighted story, Passionfruit contributor Elizabeth Rose spoke with TikToker Bunny Barbie, who says she received a cease-and-desist from toy company Mattel, which owns the Barbie brand. The lifestyle creator, who used Barbie as part of her name throughout the entirety of her social media career, said the letter came as a shock to her. 

Bunny is not the only influencer with a large following who used “Barbie” in her name, and she told Passionfruit she finds being seemingly singled out by the brand “confusing.” Read more about this controversy, its winding twists and turns, and the impact it may have on the TikTok star’s career below.


‘Honestly, I was scared’: Bunny Barbie changes username after Mattel’s cease-and-desist

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