Five AI Social Media Tools That Can Up Your Game and Save You Thousands of Dollars a Year

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A big part of being a successful content creator is finding new ways to engage your audience with consistent and valuable content. But that can be challenging, especially when your to-do list is endless. An easy way to stay on top is with a suite of tools that optimize your channels. In 2023, that means tapping into AI social media tools that can save you time and money. 

Whether you have a team supporting you or you’re a solo creator, here are five AI social media tools to check out that could save you thousands of dollars a year.  

Five AI social media tools for improving your social media

1) Best AI social media tools for copywriting 

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Even though it feels like video content has taken over social media, there’s value in strong captions. You need to grab your audience’s attention, whether you’re writing a short caption for Instagram or a lengthier one for Linkedin. 

If words aren’t your thing and you don’t have a budget for a writer, try a free AI copywriting tool. and ChatGPT offer free versions of the tool and can help you craft copy for any platform. After you share a few details (topic, tone of voice, and length), the tool generates a caption for you to use. While it might not be perfect, it gives you a baseline to work with. With some quick edits, you can have all your social media copy for the week done in an hour without paying a penny. 

2) Best AI social media tools for content creation

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Most of your time isn’t spent in front of the camera when you’re a content creator. It’s sIt’s on a computer, or phone, editing videos and photos. Every creator wants their work to stand out on their audience’s feeds. But it can be time-consuming and frustrating if you don’t have a team of professionals helping you. 

If you’re looking for help with video editing, tools like, which offers a free trial, make the process easier. You can cut, trim, merge, and resize videos with the click of a button. Using AI video editing tools makes the process less of a headache, regardless of your experience level. 

For non-video content, tools like Ocoya, which offers a free trial, use AI to pull templates, stock photos, and backgrounds to assist you in creating on-brand content. 

3) Best AI social media tools for social media ads

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You want the best results possible when spending money on social media ads. But hiring a social media ad manager can cost you thousands a month.

Tapping into AI tools, like, which offers a free plan, takes the place of a human optimizing your ads on Facebook. The tool learns your business and target audience and automatically optimizes your ads to convert viewers into customers. 

4) Best AI social media tools for brand and audience strategy 

Photo credit: LinkFluence

You can look at your social media metrics all day long, but it might still be confusing what to do with all that data. Hiring a data analyst or brand strategist can come with a hefty price tag. But if you use AI tools, like LinkFluence, you turn that data into strategy. 

For example, the tool combines your social media data with AI to help you understand your audience’s behaviors and opinions of your brand versus competitors. This type of information can help you create more valuable and engaging content. 

5) Best AI tools for social media management

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Photo credit: Emplify

Rather than hiring a social media manager, you can use an AI tool that does all the work for you. For example, a social media management tool like Emplifi uses AI to help with audience insights, schedule content, and optimize post times. Plus, if you’re on multiple platforms, tools like this allow you to manage all your content and analytics in one place. 

Keeping things organized as a content creator can feel overwhelming. Hiring a team to help you do it all can be expensive, especially when starting. Using a handful of AI tools that learn your audience and brand can save you time and potentially thousands of dollars every year. 

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