Hollywood Studios Courted to Train Alphabet and Meta’s AI Software

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Whatever you think about AI, the launch of OpenAI’s new video generation software, Sora, means huge things for the entertainment industry. And it seems like OpenAI’s competitors, like Alphabet (the parent company of Google and YouTube) and Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram), want in.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, both Alphabet and Meta are holding conversations with Hollywood studios, hoping to use film and TV creations to help train their own generative AI competitors to Sora.

Bloomberg also claims that OpenAI is already courting Hollywood companies to help train its AI. So licensing Hollywood content to train Alphabet and Meta’s AI is a natural step for this next phase of generative AI technology. 

Hollywood studios are ‘wary’ of AI

According to Bloomberg, while Hollywood studios are “keen” to participate in these discussions about Alphabet and Meta’s AI, they’re also “wary” of what’s to come if AI continues to become embedded in the moviemaking industry.

Hollywood is still reeling from the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild of America strikes, which shut down numerous TV shows and movie productions for months in 2023. A major concern for both of these unions was AI. 

Using ChatGPT-generated scripts or Sora-generated b-roll for movies might seem bad enough. But worse still is these actors and writers having little to no ownership over their productions, roles, styles, and voices.

And as the recent situation with Scarlett Johansson shows, even the most powerful figureheads in Hollywood can struggle to wrestle control over their own intellectual property or likeness. 

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