The Best Early Black Friday Deals For Creators Who Want To Escape The Hell of Black Friday

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Black Friday sucks. Black Friday is a fake holiday created by capitalism’s worst forces to start the Christmas buying season early, ruining Thanksgiving for people who work at the mall. Even if you want to make content about it, you’ll be forced to mine human suffering for your clicks. Best-case scenario: you’ll put too much effort into finding your audience’s best Black Friday deals, only to have them all sell out. 

That being said, Passionfruit is all about helping creators ball out on a budget. So, while we find Black Friday an odious event, we’re creators who know the struggles of creating bonkers content on a budget.

We also understand the importance of a day off. Accordingly, here are the best Black Friday deals for creators that you can get early to enjoy a day off on Friday. 

The Best Black Friday Deals For Creators Who Want To Escape The Hell of Black Friday

A Quick Note About Passionfruit 

Passionfruit does not have affiliate links like many websites. If you buy this product through an included link, we are not receiving money for the sale. Our recommendations are based solely on how useful we think creators may find the tool.

Neewer Two Pack RGB660 Pro LED Video Kit 

best early black friday deals for creators - neewer panel lights

Price: Was $329.99, is now $231

Thanksgiving is the time of year we gather around the family table to discuss what we’ve accomplished and are thankful for this year. It’s also your family’s only chance to offer critical feedback on your YouTube channel face-to-face. Don’t let your uncle read you for filth about your dim lighting ever again with this great deal from Neewer. 

You get two RBG660 Pro LED video lights, two stands, two power boards, and two travel cases. These are powerful 50W lights that deliver 360-degree RGB color, Bluetooth connection via your phone, and can even run off battery power. That being said, you’ll have to buy batteries. Sure, this kit won’t save you from being roasted and stuffed this holiday. But if it’s time to step up your lighting, you can step things up in time for Christmas dinner feedback.   

Neewer RP18H 19 Inch Ringlight with Phone Holder and Remote

Best early black friday deals - neewer ring light

Price: Was $149.99, is now $105

When your mom says, “you look tired in your little videos,” she just means that your lighting sucks. Thankfully, this Black Friday, you can grab Neeweer’s RP18H 19-inch Ringlight, complete with remote and phone holder, for just over $100. Bring out your best features, create depth of field, and generally improve your chances of going viral by looking professional. All without breaking the bank.

We love the adjustable color temperature, great remote, three cold shoe mounts, and adjustable angles. But the surprise best feature is the inclusion of three separate phone mounts. If you’re juggling multiple live streams on different devices, this little wonder is ready to help you out. Unlike your mother’s feedback. 

Lumecube Studio Panel Light – Single

best early black friday deals for creators - lumecube studio panel light

Price: Was $219.99, is now $129.99  

Lumecube makes some of the best, lightest, and most functional panel lights. They’re also expensive. That changes this Black Friday with $90 off their best light. The Studio Panel Light is a beast, a rechargeable multiuse light for all creators. The Studio Panel Light can provide an incredible soft key light for video or be a portrait light for photographers. 

This set comes with a remote, stand, power chords, and panel. There’s also the Studio Panel Lighting Kit, which comes with two of these lights. It’s also currently on sale for $299.99, down from $349.99. However, unless you need the travel bag that comes with the kit, we recommend just buying two of these lights and only paying $240. 

RGB Panel Pro 2.0 Lighting Kit 

Best early black friday deals for creators - pro panel 2.0

Price: Was $259.99, is now $179.99 

The Lumecube RGB Panel Pro 2.0 is a dream for run-and-gun photographers and video creators. This tiny cell phone-sized panel light delivers enough brightness to film professional video, millions of color light options, and hours of battery life. Most importantly, it’s an invaluable tool for the holiday season when family photo time starts. 

As a content creator, everyone will expect you to ensure family photos look good. That’s because it has been scientifically proven that the families of content creators have no perspective on production value. They assume you just know how to make images look good.

Now, you can finally live up to their expectation. Just pull this pro-light out of your bag and suddenly improve the quality of every gathering. Don’t worry; it will also improve your workflow after the holidays are done.

SanDisk 4TB Extreme Pro Portable SSD

sandisk 4TB SSD

Price: Was $299, is now $199.99

In November 2023, the Gawker Media Group pulled down the archive of the legendary blog Gawker. Tens of thousands of articles disappeared in a moment. This holiday season, remember that the people who pay you for your work will often see you as just a number. Accordingly, you need to back up your work in case someone ever takes it offline. 

Whether we’re talking about a blog you write for or a platform like YouTube, the people who control where your content is hosted will sometimes make it disappear. With 4TB of solid-state storage, the SanDisk 4TB Extreme has enough space to back up years of work.

Never let the whims of a platform decide if your work turns into vapor. This Black Friday, remember to be paranoid about your legacy. 

Fudsey Extra Large Green Screen

fudesy green screen

Price: Was $189.99, is now $151.99

Green screens are cheap and annoying to set up, especially if you’re working in a tiny space. This holiday season, splurge on yourself with the Fudsey Extra Large pull-up Green Screen. No more setting up poles and stringing a green sheet you’ll never be able to get the wrinkles out of.

Just place this screen behind your chair, pull it up out of its case, latch it, and you’re done. It’s a one-piece solution for a simple and annoying problem. 

Where the Fudsey Extra Large Green Screen really shines is its compact design. It’s the sort of thing you’ll never want to put away. That makes it ideal for ADHD creators looking to spare themselves chores when they’re done creating. 

Panasonic Lumix S5 Mirrorless Camera


Price: $2,099.99, is now $1,297.99 

All jokes aside, if you don’t have a vlogging camera and are looking to upgrade from your smartphone, the Lumix S5 is a great deal. You get a mirrorless camera beast that shoots incredible 4K 60P video, 180FPS slow motion, a lens, and a 24.2MP sensor for under $1,300. That’s a truly bonkers deal, given most cameras with detachable lenses make you buy the lens separately. 

The S5 is an incredible starting place to learn shooting video on a DSLR, with 14+ stops of dynamic range, pre-installed V-Log, 4:3 anamorphic support, and more. It’s compatible with streaming on every major platform, from Twitch to Kick to YouTube, letting you step up your game in spaces you’re already comfortable.

If you’re proud of your content but don’t know how to improve your image quality, your camera is a great place to start. This Black Friday, be your own Santa and consider the Lumix S5. 

We hope you have a happy holiday. Go forth and drive the insatiable pistons of capitalism in the name of improving your art. The best early black friday deals can save you big and help your content grow. It’s what your family would want you to do.

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