Detail Duo Is the Camera App for Storytellers

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The Easiest Way To Shoot and Edit

Having great video editing software for your phone is a must. For social media creators who want to tell compelling stories without expensive equipment, the newly released Detail Duo app does everything you need (and more). 

Detail combines the simplicity of a camera app with the power of a video editor. Capture your story without switching between apps or juggling complicated editing tools. Simply record, edit, and share an inspiring video in seconds.

The platforms are more concerned with you using their preset filters, so most of the videos wind up looking and sounding pretty similar. Camera apps may offer advanced features that allow you to stretch your phone’s capabilities while recording. Editing apps provide powerful effects that the platforms simply can’t offer. Detail Duo recognizes that creators need both a powerful camera and editing software, all at once.

With the latest release for Detail Duo, they’re blurring the lines between your camera and video editor, offering the ultimate flexibility to capture your story, unleash your creativity, and show the world your unique perspective.

Detail Duo Features

Creators who rely on quick cuts and editing on the fly will appreciate Duo’s Timeline feature, which allows you to make edits after each take, blurring the line between production and editing. No more compiling clips into a folder and sorting them out after, with Detail Duo you can apply greenscreen backgrounds, make cuts, do reshoots, and adjust your layout while you’re still in production.

The app also supports a slew of camera and background features, including front and back recording, video backgrounds for reaction videos, greenscreen keying, and a variety of preset patterns. Upload your own photos to put yourself on location from wherever you are, and use Duo’s captioning feature to make your videos accessible, all without having to switch apps.

Focus on the Story

Most social media creators will tell you that they didn’t have a background in film editing when they started making content. Many still don’t. We make stuff because there’s a story we want to tell or a perspective we want to share, and we’re often forced to learn a number of confusing tools and apps in order to tell that story. It doesn’t need to be like that.

Detail Duo lets you use both cameras, make cuts, edit backgrounds, add captions, and insert clips without ever having to leave your camera viewfinder. As your idea takes shape, so can your video. 

There are a ton of camera apps to choose from, and even more editing apps. But for creators who are focused on simply telling a great story, nailing a punchline, or getting the perfect look, using an app that does both editing and recording at the same time is an essential time saver. Focus on your passion, not on the process. Try Detail Duo and start telling your story.

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