Celebrate (Creator) Labor Day!

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Since Passionfruit first launched as a Daily Dot newsletter in August 2021, we’ve always kept our eye on what the Dot calls “viral labor stories”—aka, content that blows up online and provides a window into the lives of working-class people.

As this hot labor summer turns into fall, we’re happy to say we’re honing deeper than ever before on our mission to provide labor coverage on the creator economy. Media coverage on the creator industry is too often geared towards an audience of venture capitalists, business owners, marketers, and millionaires—not the creative laborers who make this brilliant internet ecosystem possible. We want to change that.

While we take a break this Labor Day to celebrate our hard work and achievements this year, we wanted to share with you a few of our favorite stories about creator labor from Passionfruit. Whether it’s unpacking toxic #hustle culture, throwing shade at bad media bosses, explaining the latest guild and union moves, or helping you pick up a picket sign—we’re here to keep this hot labor summer blazing year-round.

Happy Labor Day!

Grace StanleyFeatures and Newsletter Editor

Grab Your Picket Signs

What Creators Can Learn From the Writers’ Strike

A weekly column exploring the lessons creators can pull from the ongoing Writers Strike.

By Lon Harris

‘League of Legends’ Pros Walkout in a Historic Moment for Esports

Pro players are refusing to play at the start of the season to protest Riot Games.

By Steven Asarch

actor wearing vfx suit (inset) Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, vfx union

Marvel VFX Artists Join Hot Labor Summer

Should everyone just go on strike? Let’s discuss.

By Lon Harris

Dhar Mann Actors Protest ‘Culture of Fear’ Underpinning YouTube Empire

Four actors spoke with Passionfruit about their protests against the working conditions of YouTube giant Dhar Mann Studios.

By Charlotte Colombo

Dispatch from the Publisher at VidCon 2023: Creators Offered to Algorithm Altar

Elf Bars, egos, and the attention lottery.

By James Del

How To Protest 101

Our Most Striking Newsletters

The Creator Labor Economy is Broken: Pay Your Mods Anyway

Our goal is to make Passionfruit the destination for anyone working in the creator labor market. Now, why creator labor and not the creator economy?

By Drew Grant

An Ode to the Creative Dreams Crushed by Hollywood Bosses

Is anyone else feeling the crushing boot of techno-capitalism on their necks more than usual this work week?

By Grace Stanley

July 3rd and the Creators’ Dilemma

With the July 4th holiday falling on a Tuesday, we’re facing the Creators’ Dilemma: Do we take Monday off and call it a very long weekend, or work that extra day and show we’re #hustling?

By Drew Grant

Get Your Head in the Clouds

Making a world with better working conditions for creators requires some imagination

By Grace Stanley

And ‘Creator of the Year’ Goes to…

Put on your best black tie attire, because we’re talking about a little indie creator awards show produced by Penske Media Corporation.

By Grace Stanley

Three Strikes: The Consequence of a Self-Imposed Creator Shutdown

SAG is on strike. WGA has been striking for months now (welcome to the party, y’all). Even Southern California’s hotel unions are on strike.

By Drew Grant

We’re committed to covering the labor issues you care about most. What stories would you like to see in the upcoming year?

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