Kickstarter ‘Late Pledges’ Will Allow Creators To Raise Unlimited Funds

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Creators raising funds on Kickstarter can now make even more money after their initial campaign ends with new “late pledges.”

Kickstarter’s late pledges feature will enable creators who successfully meet their funding goal to continue collecting funds, even after their initial campaign has ended.

In a website post on April 16, the Kickstarter staff describes it as “our way of keeping the door open for more support, more backers, and more success for the incredible projects that make Kickstarter what it is.”

Can you late pledge on Kickstarter?

Currently, the platform is testing late pledges with a “small number” of creators. But if all goes well, the company says it will roll out the feature in the coming months.

For those who have access to the feature, backers will be able to pledge support for a project that has no specific end date (or has already ended) in order to help provide ongoing financial support to creators. Each month, these pledges will be automatically charged to backers’ credit cards.

The platform also said it’s embedding this feature directly into the site, as opposed to creators being forced to use third-party services to raise funds after a campaign closes. This is to help create a more “streamlined process right where your community is already supporting you.”

How long can you late pledge on Kickstarter?

If creators are offering rewards for a certain level of funding, they will need to end donations for that tier. Kickstarter recommends ending late pledges if a campaign hasn’t received a new donation in 30 days.

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