Breaking Boundaries: 5 LGBTQ+ Activists Revolutionizing Social Media

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Among the endless cycle of dance routines, lip-syncs, and clips of old TV shows, it can be easy to forget that social media is also a place for change. With so many creators now growing from everyday users into full-blown influencers, the cultural capital for informing and educating has never been more fruitful than it is now. As Pride Month draws to a close this June, it’s an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ+ activists, artists, and changemakers. Importantly, it’s also a moment to reflect on LGBTQ+ issues in the past and the community’s needs in the present and future.

So today, Passionfruit would like to celebrate just five creators from the LGBTQ+ community we’re paying attention to. Though countless creators make a difference online daily, these creators’ activism, advocacy, and community-building tactics have caught our eye.

Safe Space (@safe_space)

Hosted by Emma (they/them) and Hester (she/her), Safe Space is a blossoming creator duo sharing historical and identity-based educational LGBTQ+ content.

Beginning in 2022, the pair grew rapidly, launching their own podcast and gaining over 486,000 followers across TikTok and Instagram. They began by sharing videos focusing on the stories of their friends’ personal and dating lives before branching out to the larger queer community around them. Since then, their warm and engaging podcast-style discussions have explored little-known topics, from the origins of non-binary people in Mesopotamia to remembering forgotten queer and POC activists. Chatting like two best friends who have known each other for years, viewers are invited to pull up a chair, get comfy, and learn something new in a friendly and humorous way. 

Safe Space also branched out into interviewing notable LGBTQ+ figures, including artist and designer Daniel Lismore and actor Mason Alexander Park. We’ve seen their work shared on Instagram stories of singer Labrinth and actress Susan Sarandon. On the heels of its success, Safe Space is now looking to bring more queer identity and history to the forefront of the mainstream cultural conversation.

“We’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm and support received from our community and beyond,” the pair said in a statement to Passionfruit. “We learn so much every day and will continue to share queer history and stories to bring joy and belonging to queer people around the world.” 


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The Lesbian Couples Institute (@lesbiancouplesinstitute)

The Lesbian Couples Institute, a TikTok account with over 98,000 followers created by Denver-based licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Lydia Spann, offers relationship advice and tools specifically for queer women loving women.

Opening her practice in 2018, Spann works with partner Lisa Yaeger, a therapist who frequently works with LGBTQ+ clients. Under the institute’s name, Spann has created video content since 2022. Her videos have touched on topics like forming secure attachments in queer relationships, understanding co-regulation, and debunking stereotypical myths such as “lesbian bed death.” Never condescending in her approach, Spann gets straight to the root of issues in a loving and gentle way—sort of like a mini intimate therapy session. 

As an extension of its platform, The Lesbian Couples Institute also opens up accessibility to other means of psychological support. Alongside writing a free guide for queer couples to rebuild an intimate connection, the pair provide intensive courses and masterclasses for those that are looking to strengthen fulfillment in their relationships.

Blair Imani (@blairimani)

With over 100,000 followers and a million likes, Blair Imani is fast becoming a TikTok favorite for her Smarter in Seconds content that explores different intersections of queerness. After unintentionally coming out as a bisexual Muslim woman on national television in 2017 during a debate with commentator Tucker Carlson on identity politics, Imani has used her platform to educate and influence issues surrounding anti-oppression, environmental racism, and purely being yourself.

Before being known for her TikTok content, Imani made her name as a public speaker, with her TED Talk on being queer and Muslim airing in 2019.  As her presence grew, Imani’s broad broad range of content also extended to Instagram and Patreon. She has also written three books entitled “Modern HERstory,” “Making Our Way Home,” and “Read This To Get Smarter.” Imani serves as the Head of Education for the change-making digital community FEMINIST and centers the bulk of her work around women and girls, global Black communities, and the LGBTQ+ community.


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Asherah Lovelydae (@Therealasherah)

Singer, songwriter, and activist Asherah has become a prominent voice for marginalized voices and issues affecting the trans community. Starting her account in 2021 and now having 155,000 followers, her content ranges from offering insightful commentary on issues affecting POC and LGBTQ+ communities to bringing attention to urgent causes for mutual aid. She is also incredibly candid with personal topics, like how to be responsible for your own triggers, boundary setting, and how the male gaze seeps into our everyday lives.

This effortless combination of individual and community action also extends into Asherah’s digital presence outside of TikTok. She continues to use their following to amplify the voices of others, compiling an extensive list of GoFundMe pages, causes, and small businesses in need of extra support. On top of this, Asherah has continued to be transparent about her own experience seeking political asylum and gender-affirming surgery. She is a must-follow for anyone looking to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Dibs Fitness (@dibsfitness)

With a mission to make exercise fun, holistic, and accessible, Dibs Fitness is a TikTok channel founded in 2019 that fuses trans activism with modified physical guidance and support for the community. 

Run by Holistic health coach and speaker Dibs Barisic Sprem, the TikTok page is specifically to help those experiencing a range of physical changes, including modified routines for post-mastectomy care and working through injuries like a broken ankle. Sprem is not afraid to look like the fun-time, goofy friend in order to get people moving while also speaking candidly about the issues they’re personally affected by in more intimately shot clips. 

On top of this, their content ranges from candidly exploring their personal journey to achieving gender euphoria, taking direct action against homophobia and transphobia through community support and questioning individual morals, and the honest issues of traveling with an X sex marker on identification documents. 

“My vision is to empower marginalized people to become strong, resourceful athletes,” Dibs told Passionfruit. “I started doing this because as an out transgender person, I kept getting questions from transgender friends of friends about my transition. It made me realize there was a total lack of easy-to-understand information about transitioning, socially and medically. Movement feels good and helps our bodies and brains, so nobody should feel left out. Thankfully there are many coaches and athletes out there who believe this and are creating positive change. I am one of them.”

Who did we leave off this list that you’d like to see celebrated? Email [email protected] to share your suggestions.

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