The Lume Cube Ring Light Mini Is A Tiny Pro Ring Light That Respects Your Space

Lume Cube Ring Light Mini

Smaller doesn’t always mean better. In our global race to make everything more compact, occasionally, we sacrifice quality for convenience. The Lume Cube Ring Light Mini is an exception; an example of where making things smaller makes them better. From creators on the go to creators with small living spaces, the Ring Light Mini will appeal to many people. 

Quick to set up and take down, with an incredibly small profile, the Ring Light Mini is easy to use. But does it pack enough power in its tiny frame for professional use and to justify its price tag? Here’s everything you need to know about the new Lume Cube Ring Light Mini. 

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What is the Lume Cube Ring Light Mini?

Lume Cube’s Ring Light Mini is a powerful little device that packs the features of a full-size ring light into a compact 12” diameter device. Weighing 21.6oz, a little over a pound, it’s light enough to mount it on a desktop mic stand. In fact, that’s the primary way we tested it for video calls.  

The Ring Light Mini delivers surprisingly powerful lighting under various circumstances. We got perfect skin tones, whether video chatting, shooting with a mirrorless camera, or taking selfies. In keeping with its “big things in small packages” philosophy, the light has an incredibly compact stand and desktop c-mount. 

The Lume Cube Ring Light Mini retails for $179.99

a lume cube ring light mini mounted above a desk with a iMac on it.
The Lume Cube Ring Light Mini mounted above my home desk. Photo by John-Michael Bond

What Features Set The Lume Cube Ring Light Mini Apart?

Edge-Lit Technology Provides Soft But Powerful Light

The 12″ diameter Ring Light Mini delivers shockingly powerful, yet soft, light for such a small device. Lume Cube’s edge-light inward-facing LEDs have built-in diffusion, delivering glorious, even coverage without harsh spots. You don’t even need a great camera to see results. 

We tested the light with a 2017 iMac, Canon R5 mirrorless camera, and an iPhone 13 Mini front-facing camera. In each case, the Ring Light Mini gave us the same great professional lighting as the full-size Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light. 

2700K – 7500K Adjustable Color Temperature with a 96+ CRI Rating

Getting the perfect skin tone in your photos or video is a constant struggle, especially if your ambient lighting changes regularly. Thankfully the Ring Light Mini makes finding the perfect skin tone easy with its adjustable color temperature range of 2700K to 7500K. 

Fine-tuning your lighting is even easier thanks to its side panel knobs that adjust your light temperature and brightness in 1% increments. The Ring Light Mini has a 96+ CRI rating. This rank is out of 100, with 100 being able to perfectly replicate color under white light. This color accuracy helps bring out the vibrance of your locations and subjects. Get the color you want when you’re shooting and save time in post-production. 

self portrait of a bearded red headed man with long hair and a blue shirt
Self portrait shot with a Canon R5 with a 50mm RF 1.8 Lens Photo by John-Michael Bond

180º Tilt 

The Ring Light Mini has a built-in 180º tilt function. Shoot overhead video, give yourself a simple and convenient key light for streaming, or give your portraits an extra pop of warmth from above. Lume Cube has included a c-mount for the light, so it’s ready to shoot cooking videos right out of the box. Just attach it to your countertop, tilt the light down, and insert your phone in the camera mount. 

Rotating Smartphone Mount Included 

Lume Cube knocked it out of the park, making this kit ready for content creation out of the box. Each kit comes with Lume Cube’s universal smartphone mount. Beyond being built with the same quality as Lume Cube’s other products, it has a great rotating function for switching from landscape to portrait mode in a snap. 

Three selfies shot with the front facing camera of a iPhone 13 Mini that has been dropped several hundred times
Three selfies shot with the front-facing camera of an iPhone 13 Mini that has been dropped several hundred times. Photo by John-Michael Bond

Comes with a Tripod and Desk Clamp For Easy Set Up 

No matter how you use the Ring Light Mini, this kit comes ready out of the box. The built-in light stand takes less than a minute to set up; loosen two telescoping poles and screw on the base. The stand is 16″ to 40″ fully extended, so you’ll need to sit if you’re taller than 3 feet.

The Ring Light Mini also comes with a desktop C-clamp for attaching it to your home desk, kitchen counter, or whatever platform speaks to you. We attached it to the back of our desk using the C-clamp in two minutes. For traveling bands or performers, this flexibility and ease of use without a traditional stand is ideal for small greenrooms. 

USB-C Power Means It Works From Your Computer Ports, Battery Pack, or Wall Outlet

Historically, setting up a ring light at your desk often requires running another cord under your desk. Not so with the Ring Light Mini, thanks to its use of USB-C power. Just set it up and plug it into an existing USB-C cable on your setup. It also comes with a braided 6.5′ USB-C cable, just in case you need one. 

USB-C power doesn’t just mean it’s easy to plug into your computer. It also means you can power your Ring Light Mini directly from a mobile battery charger or even your laptop. 

self portrait of a bearded red headed man with long hair and a blue shirt holding a cat
Self portrait shot with a Canon R5 with a 50mm RF 1.8 Lens. Photo by John-Michael Bond


At just 21.6oz and 12” in diameter, the Ring Light Mini keeps a low profile in your home office, apartment, studio, or luggage. This is the first ring light that really makes sense to pack in your suitcase on a trip. It takes up no space and is powered by a USB-C cable you probably already have for another device. Even its stands are small, with the largest stand breaking down to just 16”.

The Ring Light Mini is a treat for creators living in apartments who must make the most of every square inch. You can easily tuck it away from sight between uses without housing large stands or a bulker light. 

What Downsides Are There To The Lume Cube Ring Light Mini?


At $179.99, the Lume Cube Ring Light Mini is not cheap, especially in a market flooded with $30-50 ring lights. However, this is a minor downside when considering the device’s low profile, weight, power, ease of use, and light quality. This is a high-quality and easy-to-use device for creators who want amazing light without any hassle. 

No Remote

Lume Cube Ring Light Mini’s cousin, the Cordless Ring Light, has a handy remote for controlling your color temperature and brightness. For $179.99, you would think the Ring Light Mini might also come with a remote.

It isn’t as big of a deal, given the size of this light. You won’t find many situations where you’ll be as far away as you might with the larger Cordless Ring Light. Still, now that we know Lume Cube has the power, we want the option.

self portrait of a bearded red headed man with long hair and a blue shirt
Self portrait shot with a Canon R5 with a 50mm RF 1.8 Lens John-Michael Bond

No case

The Ring Light Mini works great with an external USB-C battery and weighs next to nothing. That’s why we’re surprised Lume Cube hasn’t included a case for this light. It screams out to be taken on the road. Even if it fits in a suitcase, you’ll probably want some protection if you travel with it. Given how compact its pieces are, we’d love to see a case for it that keeps everything together.  

Is The Lume Cube Ring Light Mini Worth Your Money?

Any photographer or content creator who lives in a tiny apartment knows what it’s like to make your gear fit in your space. Speaking as someone who shares a one-bedroom apartment with another adult, the Lume Cube Ring Light Mini immediately spoke to me. Beyond providing incredible, soft, and accurate lighting, the Ring Light Mini respects your space. 

It provides a professional light source that’s quick to set up and take down and doesn’t take up a lot of space if you leave it up. You’ll never have to mess with finding its power cord because it uses one of the most common cords on earth, USB-C. It’s even road-ready thanks to the ability to power it with an external battery. 

Then there’s the light. Finding your perfect lighting and skin tone is simple, thanks to the light’s soft, diffused edge-lit LEDs. With a temperature range of 2700K to 7500K, the Ring Light Mini can quickly adapt to any situation. While its price of $179.99 isn’t cheap, you’ll feel the quality in every use of this light.

Lume Cube deserves extra points for realizing new creators who need a C-mount for their desks might not know what it is. Including one in the package and a traditional stand makes it usable right out of the box. 

Whether you’re looking for a small yet powerful light or a creator in a tiny apartment making every inch of your space count, the Ring Light Mini is a delight. This is the perfect ring light for content creators of all stripes. If you need a built-in battery or are lighting multiple subjects, there are better lights. But the Ring Light Mini is hard to beat for almost every creator’s needs. 

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