Lumecube’s 5-Foot Adjustable Light Stand and Tripod Is a Catch All Tool For Creators

Lumecube 5 ft adjustable stand review

Sometimes the gear a creator needs or uses the most isn’t the sexiest. We love to talk about our lighting and cameras. Creators brag about our presets and computer systems. But the reality of our jobs is that none of this would be possible without stands. Picking the right stand can save you time and money. That is why we’re fans of Lumecube’s 5-foot Adjustable Light Stand and Tripod. 

This compact, light, and portable stand makes creating on the go an easy, fast, and secure experience. From shooting TikToks at the park or quickly adding a fill light, the 5-foot Adjustable Stand has quickly proven its many uses. Is it worth almost $60? We think so. Let’s take a look at this premium stand for mobile creators. 

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What is the Lumecube 5-Foot Adjustable Light Stand and Tripod?

The Lumecube 5-foot Adjustable Light Stand and Tripod is a compact adjustable height tripod for creators. It has an adjustable height from 14” to 60” and a 360° rotating head. The head can tilt 180° up and down and has a ¼” 20 thread attachment mount. 

How Features Set The Lumecube 5-Foot Adjustable Light Stand and Tripod Apart?

Adjustable Height Up To 5-Foot Makes It A Tripod, Selfie Stick, Boom, Monopod, or Light Stand

With a max extended length of 5-foot, the Adjustable Light Stand and Tripod comes ready for any situation. Set up panel lights for backfill. Mount your phone at face level and shoot hands-free TikToks. Use it as a selfie stick while walking. Mount your camera on it for quick monopod support, or set it up as a tripod. Throw on a GoPro and see what’s up in the trees on your hike. 

Whether your needs are down at your feet or shoulder level, this stand has you covered. Its sheer versatility is easier to understand once you play with it and start trying things out.  

Collapsible and Lightweight Design With a Sturdy Aluminum Build

At just 15.38 x 3.38 x 2.25 inches in size and weighing just 1.5 pounds, Lumecube’s 5-foot Adjustable Stand has a tiny profile. It’s easy to throw in a camera bag, backpack, or even a medium-sized purse for day adventures. 

Compact stands aren’t new, but finding one that’s built like this can be a struggle. That’s because Lumecube has given the 5-foot Adjustable Stand a premium-grade aluminum housing. The housing keeps it both durable and incredibly light.

Head Has 180° Tilt and 360° Rotation 

Once you’ve extended the stand and placed your lights or camera, the options don’t end. The stand features a head with a 180° tilt and 360° rotation. Quickly adjust your lights or angles to avoid glare or shadow with ease. Or take advantage of smoother tracking if you’re shooting a video for someone behind the camera.  

5-foot-Adjustable-Light-Stand - panel light on stand

Max Load Weight of 11lbs

It’s incredible how strong the Lumecube’s 5-foot Stand is for such a tiny piece of gear. This tiny wonder has a maximum load weight of 11 lbs. That means it works with the most popular panel lights, speedlights, mirrorless cameras, and beyond. 

Clearly, this has been designed for compatibility with Lumecube gear. However, we tested it with GoDox and Canon lights as well and found it just as much a pleasure to use.

Rubberized Spring Loaded Mount Surface Secures Your Gear

As a photographer, there are few pains as embarrassing as accidentally overtightening a piece of gear and it getting stuck. That’s why the rubberized spring-mounted surface of the 5-foot Adjustable Light Stand spoke to me. 

As you screw your lights or camera or mounts onto the mounting plate of the stand, the rubberized plate presses back. This lets you quickly secure your lights without having to tighten them so much to secure them. We also appreciate the rubberization helping keep your gear scratch-free use after use. 

Quick Set Up and Breakdown

Setting up the 5-foot Adjustable Light Stand and Tripod takes seconds. Want to use it as a selfie stick or monopod? Just twist left the mounting head and pull up. Each level of the stand requires a twist left and a pull, but in field use, this equals seconds of time. To secure the stand, twist to the right. 

If you want the legs to be released, look at the bottom of the stand. Press the button all the way in, and the legs will be released, along with the stand arm. When you’re ready to break down, pull up on the center cylinder, and the legs will close. You can get fully set up in about thirty seconds with practice.    

Doubles as a Club

This might be a strange one. But as someone who wanders the streets of LA late at night taking photographs, having something to protect yourself with is nice. Gear is attractive, especially when you’re alone. This a 15” aluminum club when broken down, and should worst come to worse, this little beauty looks threatening. 

What Downsides Are There to the Lumecube 5-Foot Adjustable Light Stand and Tripod?

The Price Is High For Beginners

Once you start buying gear, you’ll realize how often paying extra for nice gear saves you money long-term. This is easily one of the best portable mounts and tripods on the market, a 1.5lb wonder that can fill many creators’ basic needs. 

That being said, maybe $59.99 feels expensive at first glance. However, this price equation will make more sense after replacing your fourth $20 stand. Splurge a little, and make sure your tool kit is as professional as you are. 

Doesn’t Come With a Cellphone Mount

This is a small complaint. But given how much this product screams out to creators, leaving a phone mount out seems silly. This stand should be part of every creator’s go-bag in a perfect world. So why leave out a tool that would ensure creators would immediately think of their own needs? 

Legs Are Compact, So Test Your Gear Before Going Out To Shoot

This is less a downside than it is a reality of using new stands. Having an 11 lb weight limit doesn’t mean gravity isn’t a jerk sometimes. The legs are surprisingly wide on this compact stand, but adding weight to its top will cause it to wobble. So yes, you can use this as a tripod for a DSLR under 11 lbs. But that doesn’t mean you should walk away from the camera. 

As with any stand, make sure you test your equipment on it before you head out to a shoot. Learn its limits and strength, especially if you’re using something like a panel light. You should know how it reacts to wind on any new tripod.  

Is The Lumecube 5-Foot Adjustable Light Stand and Tripod Worth Your Money?

The Lumecube 5-foot Adjustable Light Stand and Tripod is absolutely worth the money if you’re a photographer, videographer, blogger, or creator who makes things on the go. It fits in almost any bag, weighs 1.5 lbs, and sets up/breaks down in seconds. While you will pay a slight premium at first, ultimately, this is a quality piece of gear that will last and last. 

From mounting accent lighting to holding your phone while you take videos, it has a hundred little uses to discover. We highly recommend this stand for creators who want to keep things light and studio producers who want flexibility with lighting alike.

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