Threads Tests Bookmarks Feature To Allow Users To Save Posts

threads bookmarks save posts for later
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Meta’s new platform Threads might not be as popular as X yet. But it has a lot of potential for the future. And its latest step in trying to become the new internet town square for creators? Threads bookmarks.

On the surface, a Threads bookmarks feature that allows users to save posts isn’t that big of a deal. But Instagram head Adam Mosseri said in a Threads post that it is “heavily requested.”

Per screenshots shared by Meta, the “save” feature is thought to take inspiration from Instagram’s own version of it. The feature, which is currently in a test phase, is used to access bookmarked posts later in its “save” section.

According to the company, it is “working on” bringing this bookmarks feature to a wider audience. And it is just one of the countless ways Threads is trying to keep users interested.

Threads was launched with much fanfare in July 2023. Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg reported that 30 million users signed up to the app on its first day. But despite being tipped by Zuckerberg as a “friendly” rival to Twitter, the app failed to sustain momentum. Users missed key functionalities like direct messaging, search filters, and a ‘trending’ topic hub.

While leaks suggest a ‘trending’ topic hub might arrive in the future, Threads has received a number of updates recently. These include searchable tags and a desktop version of the app.

And with 130 million active users, Zuckerberg says that more people are using the app now than they did when it was at its initial growth peak, so maybe we shouldn’t count Threads out more than ever.

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