📈 Adobe Shares Its Biggest Trends for Creators


2022 has some unforgettable trends. The resurge of shows like Euphoria, the Y2K aesthetic, and the slice-of-life social media app BeReal are just a few viral moves that shook the internet this year.

This week, Adobe, a technology company that makes some of the most popular editing software on the market for creators, released a report on four major trends for creators that rose to prominence this year and might be big in 2023. The trends include the rise of “psychic” visual aesthetics, creators’ desires for “authenticity,” retro and vintage throwbacks, and even pet influencers. 

We spoke with Adobe’s principal of consumer and creative insights, Brenda Milis, to unpack these trends and understand how to integrate them into a career that spans not just a year, but a creator’s entire career and long-term identity. We also spoke with multiple creators to seek their advice on integrating these trends into content, monetization, and fan engagement strategy.


Adobe’s annual Creative Trends report shares its top four social media trends for 2023



Norma Pérez and Jasmine Avery are making their mark in the BIPOC vegan content creator space

“Once I found my community, it was amazing.”

By Ingrid Cruz, Passionfruit Contributor



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