Creators Face an Existential Crisis. But Help is On the Way.


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The internet can be a complicated, confusing place sometimes, where everything gets upended quickly. You could devote a lot of time and energy into some platform or new quasi-legal project, only to see it vaporize suddenly before your eyes, taking all of your hard work with it. Sometimes, it can feel like the rules of the game are still being figured out while we’re all playing, leading to a chaotic situation in which everyone’s trying to establish themselves and even embark on careers in a world of uncertainty, where the ground can shift beneath their feet at any time.

Before they share their first piece of content, online creators are faced with a dizzying array of options, the kind of freedom of choice that can be paralyzing. New tools are rolling out every day. Meta introduced broadcast channels to Instagram for top creators just this week, while Apple’s forthcoming Vision Pro AR headset could potentially upend the game for everyone. Does it make sense to start building an audience in the metaverse today? What if you focus on learning how to make AR/VR content, and then no one shows up at your virtual stage?

All of these infinite choices and options and dangers can seem intimidating, even frightening, at first, like when Parzival first enters the OASIS in “Ready Player One” and watches it extend out infinitely in every direction. An ocean of destinations, more than one person could ever visit in an entire lifetime. But fortunately, there’s no need to do it all or over-extend yourself. All you really need to do is take a deep breath and a beat, to figure out what kinds of content and experiences mean the most to you, and where your voice will have the most resonance, can pay. Like Parzival when he meets his friends and figures out that he has a real shot at solving Halliday’s riddles. (OK, I promise I will stop making “Ready Player One” references now. Not even sure how we got there.)

Fortunately, you are not alone on the internet. Cause that would be kind of terrifying. Whether it’s pointing your way to new tools that can help make the job easier and more fun, keeping you calm and centered when the pressure is making you fly off in random directions, or just distracting you for a quick minute… it’s good to know that your friends and community have your back.

Hopefully, this is also where Passionfruit can come in, cutting through the noise and providing quick, helpful advice and insight to ease the nearly impossible job of working on the internet all day and remaining sane. We’re the community part, as opposed to actually being friends. Unless you want to hang out this weekend, maybe see “Transformers” or something…


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