How Is Patreon Tackling AI? Vaguely


In the past few months, the online art community has been divided over the incorporation of AI into online projects. Some creators are criticizing it, some are acclaiming it, and many are struggling to understand how copyright law will apply to their new AI-assisted creations.

Creator platforms have little-to-no precedent on how to deal with AI-hinged creations. On March 28, Patreon held a town hall meeting to discuss its approach to AI monetization policy. As Passionfruit contributor Charlotte Colombo reports, many creators were left with more questions than answers.

Also, have you heard of TikToker Hello Tefi? Shes had a busy yearbeing nominated for a Webby award this month, attending red-carpet premieres, and working on a book of personal essays. Shes become a staple for any pop culture lover, gaining viral traction for her celebrity breakdowns and down-to-earth series delving into topics like relationships, body image, and self-empowerment. We spoke with Tefi about where shes been, where she is, and where she’s going. Read her story below.


How is Patreon tackling AI? Vaguely

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When it needed a pop culture bestie, TikTok turned to Hello Tefi


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