⌛How To Survive a Decade in the Gamer Game


When you’re a streamer, having a long-lasting career is a big question mark. The creator “economy” and gaming industry are too new for us to know what it really takes to keep creating for 20, 30, or 40 years. Seismic platform shifts on Twitch and YouTube and the mental tolls of rigorous social media posting are difficult to handle—but a select few have survived.

Passionfruit spoke with top creators, agents, and a manager to find out what a long-term career might look like in the gaming space. We focused on the careers of creators like BoxBox, The Completionist, Ninja, Jacksepticeye, DrDisRespect, and others that have been around for longer than 10 years—a lifetime in internet years. If anyone knows what a long-lasting internet career looks like, it’s them.


‘I’ve been running on this treadmill for 12 years’: Gamers share the economics of career streaming

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