🪧What Creators Can Learn From the Writers Strike


For those who don’t remember the last writers’ strike in 2007, the central issue on the table—brought about by South Park, no less—was how much studios were willing to pay for “new media” content. Back when Netflix still sent you physical DVDs, and “on-demand” movie transactions were all done through your iTunes account, the WGA’s 12,000+ members held strong for over 14 weeks and cost the entertainment industry a record $500 million for the right to earn 2% on streaming residuals.

But more important than the residuals, the writers had the prescience to secure future rights that would lock in studios to use Guild members for any streaming-produced series that went over a certain budget. What seemed like a hypothetical at the time paid off once Netflix and other streamers got into the original content game.

So what can we, as creators, learn from this? Lots of things, which is why you’ll be seeing a lot of coverage of the current strike on Passionfruit. The WGA was prescient last time when they came together for collective bargaining, helping shape the future of the TV and film landscape. Imagine what we could do.


What creators can learn from the Writers Strike, Part 1: Corporate vs. Content

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By Steven Asarch, Passionfruit Contributor



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