The Ins and Outs of Using AI on Onlyfans Without Being Banned

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When it comes to the future, things change at light speed. Artificial Intelligence isn’t new, but how we use it (or it uses us, depending on who you ask) is rapidly changing. On OnlyFans, AI use is laid out fairly clearly in their terms of service.

However, as the uses for AI change, you need to stay informed. Let’s take a look at the OnlyFans AI policy. 

Can You Use AI for Onlyfans?

The short answer is yes. You can use AI-generated art on OnlyFans as long as it doesn’t violate their terms of service. Approved uses for AI on OnlyFans include AI-generated scripts for chatting. Creators can also generate AI content, provided they aren’t deepfakes. 

Deepfakes are synthetic media. To make a deepfake, an AI studies images and recordings of a real person. The AI then uses what it learns to create an artificial video of that person doing something. OnlyFans expressly forbids uploading deepfakes without someone’s permission, such as Taylor Swift

Several top OnlyFans AI accounts post AI content, such as Claudia, The RRRealist, and Amouranth. Amouranth is a megastar and one of the top creators on OnlyFans and Kick. She launched her own AI chatbot this year, reportedly making $34,000 on its first day

However, this chatbot isn’t live on OnlyFans. Users need to download a unique link to access the AI version of Amouranth. Even for megastars, using AI on the platform is complicated. 

What Is the Onlyfans AI Policy?

All content posted on OnlyFans must belong to a verified OnlyFans content creator. You cannot post AI-generated or AI-enhanced content featuring anyone other than the verified OnlyFans creator on OnlyFans.

Creators can only share AI-generated, altered, or enhanced content if:

  • It clearly features the verified OnlyFans creator;
  • The content is clearly labeled as generated, altered, or enhanced by AI. The easiest way to do this is to include the hashtag “#ai”;
  • The content follows OnlyFans Terms of Service, including their Acceptable Use Policy.

If you do not follow these guidelines, you will breach OnlyFans’ Terms of Service and risk having your content and account deactivated. 

Can Creators Use AI Bots on Onlyfans?

While visual content is king, chatting with fans is a great way to keep them engaged with your content. You aren’t paid directly for your chats with fans. However, there are ways to generate income via chat. You just can’t do it with AI. Utilizing fully automated AI chatbots on the platform violates OnlyFans’ terms of service. However, there are ways around this. 

Many OnlyFans content creators, especially those with large followings, find it overwhelming to keep up with all their fans. They’ve often employed assistants strictly to handle their chatting, paying as little as possible.

Chat Bot Companies

Companies like Creatorboost, ChatPersona, and FlirtFlow have found a workaround for the chatbot ban on OnlyFans. These services use AI to generate chat text for content creators to enter themselves.

Content creators provide their previous chats to the company, which feeds it into their learning machine. It kicks back a plethora of content without hours of work by the creators themselves.  

Chat can be the part of content creation folks struggle with the most. Employing a chatbot service can help mitigate this part of the job. 

OnlyFans AI content is a fairly new endeavor, and the rules are ever-changing. Keep an eye on OnlyFans’ terms of service to ensure you’re in line with what is and isn’t okay. Exploring AI comes with its own risks. You don’t want your account to be banned over a simple mistake. 

How Does an AI Chatbot Work on Onlyfans

If AI isn’t allowed to run your OnlyFans, how can it help you? Let’s take a look at one program: Creatorboost. Creatorboost is a subscription service and plugin that helps you generate chats for OnlyFans subscribers. 

Its chatbot reads logs of your previous chats to learn how to write. After Creatorboost learns your voice, the bot can read chats as they come in and suggest responses.

You can ask it to give you flirty responses, ask questions, and even suggest paid content. Once you’ve selected its suggestion, the text will populate your chatbox. Then you hit send. 

OnlyFans AI - creatorboost ai bot

Additionally, Creatorboost can build specific profiles based on your top clients. You’ll never need to worry about remembering someone is from Atlanta in your chat; the bot will simply know. Client profiles track everything from how many messages they’ve sent to how much they’ve tipped. 

Most importantly, it lets you add notes about the fans. Are they single? Do they love cats? Do they work as a banker or have they mentioned being a socialist? Adding these details to your fan profiles allows the bot to build better conversations.

Making mistakes like getting a fan’s city wrong or forgetting a past chat can impact your earnings. It’s remarkable the bot protects against such issues. 

Beyond simply chat, Creatorboost uses AI to help you keep track of your workflow.

Features like Inbox Prioritization use AI to identify your top OnlyFans spenders in your inbox. Vault labeling tells you what content a fan has already bought, so you can suggest new content. 

What Is the Future of AI for creators?

A few years ago, the idea of a commercial AI impersonating an OnlyFans performer to chat with fans was sci-fi. Today, it’s a reality. While OnlyFans has been slow to adopt AI into the site itself, technological moves at an incredibly rapid pace. The future hasn’t just arrived, for some creators it is already part of their work flow. 

Your comfort level with using AI is a personal decision you’ll need to make. For all of AI’s benefits, there are risks, such as the computer getting something wrong in a chat.

However, these are mistakes humans make as well. OnlyFans already takes up an incredible amount of time. Giving some of the work to an AI is an incredibly attractive idea.  

AI is constantly encroaching further into creative life, and we expect more changes to come. This article will be updated over time to reflect OnlyFans’ latest changes.

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