Patreon Introduces Gifting and Live Content Countdowns

patreon new features gifted memberships and live countdowns
Patreon Gifting and Live Countdowns Jack Conte and Sam Yam/Wikimedia Commons BeHappy13/Shutterstock Remix by Caterina Rose Cox

Patreon is launching a new slew of features to help creators connect with fans. In a press release shared with Passionfruit, the platform announced five new features to help deepen the relationship between creators and fans.

One way Patreon is doing this is by turning “the release of new work into a shared experience” with a countdown clock and live chat. 

Another way is by opening up creators’ “community chats” to every member, whether they are free or paid. The platform has also added the ability for creators to share posts only for free members — as opposed to just paid members or “all” members.

Patreon announces gifting

But arguably the biggest announcement is the “all-time most requested tool for creators on Patreon.” And that’s the ability for creators to gift memberships to fans.

Creators can set up gifted memberships for a specific period of time, and also offer discounted memberships to fans.

Creators will be able to do this via a dedicated Promotions tab. They can also set up automation for when gifted memberships are dispersed and how long they should last. The feature is currently in its testing stage.

Also coming soon is the ability for creators to list individual posts and collections for sale. Patreon says this will give fans “small tastes of what your membership is all about.

And finally, there’s the ability to “auto-generate” little clips of audio and video to use as teasers for your content. 

“It’s clear fans want a place to be completely immersed in your world, get all your updates, and be a part of something special,” Patreon added in a press release.

“That’s what we want to create on Patreon. A place where you can bring and energize your real fans – the ones who wear the merch, come out to the shows, and light up the group chats. And when they’re ready to take it to the next level, they can easily upgrade to paid.”

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