Ringer Union Wins New Spotify Contract, But With a Cost

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After a tense period of negotiations, the union for media company The Ringer has ratified a new contract with its parent company, Spotify. Along with benefits like increased severance and pay, the union has more agreements related to Spotify’s use of generative.

Specifically, the union made it so Spotify must gain employees’ consent before cloning their voices or otherwise involving them in AI content.

But, according to The Verge, Spotify won a much-desired ability to use AI to translate The Ringer’s podcast into other languages. This would require using digital replicas of the original presenters’ voices.  

Per the agreement, Spotify does not need permission from The Ringer’s employees to do this. However, employees can request disclosures in the relevant episode if a voice in the podcast is AI-generated. They can also decline bylines on content that includes “substantial” AI contributions. 

“On the strength of our unit’s solidarity, we were able to negotiate a final deal that addressed our highest priorities,” Ringer Union said in an X post. “Thank you to every reader, viewer, listener, and follower who showed their support and amplified our messages along the way.”

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